Looks Nice

So I finally got things working..sheeesh! What a freakin’ nightmare. I’m talking about all the Digital Audio workstation malarkey that was is as if possessed by the Devil himself. Today it all magically started working. I have no idea. Probably Dementia Joe and the crackhead crew’s Stimulus Bill. It’s like “Not Sure”, it’s gonna fix everything! Fuck these people. I haven’t had time to see the TV news, and it’s probably lies anyway. The BBC, ABC, NBC etc etc, I don’t know why I bother giving them oxygen actually. You gotta talk about something. I like the story of the FTX scandal, where a young lad embarking on a journey into financial success finds himself in deep water after mismanaging billions of dollars worth of other people’s money. Not only that, he enlists the help of his parents in this enterprise and puts them on the payroll. Thanks son, now we’re all accomplices in this criminality. His girlfriend didn’t waste any time cutting a deal with the authorities and throwing him under the bus. It’s hilarious. Both of the parents are law professors at Stanford. What??

Santa Clause Conquers the Martians

That people trust their money with these idiots is beyond me. Greed is such a terrible thing y’know. Today has been freezing cold. I went to the ShopRite to buy a chicken this morning but all they had was something called a “Halal Fryer”. There seems to be a shortage of chickens for some reason. I also decided that I hate the ShopRite and most supermarkets in New York. After seeing the prices of things elsewhere, (New Hampshire for example) I can see how much these crooks are gouging people. It’s obscene. To add insult to injury, you can’t have a fucking plastic bag in NY because mentally ill progressives have decided that something which is convenient, recyclable and, (did I mention convenient?) is ungood. You must bring your own non recyclable plastic bag which is full of bacteria, for the good of mother earth, or perhaps just so these imbeciles can feel good about themselves. We can’t have nice things, that’s for someone else. The ShopRite has a weird smell too, I don’t like it at all.

I did see a video today that the Mars Rover sent back to Earth. It was a panoramic sweep of the surroundings. It’s quite astounding to think that we can see something like that today, when for centuries people just had to imagine what the surface of Mars looked like. As usual on Twitter, the Brains Trust were offering their highly regarded points of view on the subject. Someone from CNS News opined, “yeah, I’m sure millions of people will want to live there — a baked desert.” That’s the best you could come up with, huh? I’d be happy to move there just to get away from morons like that. Someone else… “Why are we trying to live on Mars before trying to live under water?” I don’t know, maybe the fish wouldn’t like the competition? Another person said, “Looks nice”. I agree. Anywhere that isn’t inhabited by the 80%, which are the stupidest of the people of earth will always look nice. We’ll have all the fucking plastic bags we want as well. Fuck you!