Mid Wiz

It’s the beginning of the week, and it’s been fairly uneventful so far. It’s only 10.25 am Eastern Time. It’s a nice sunny, day. The weekend was uneventful as well. I don’t know why I’m even writing this. Probably because I have to now. I’ve been listening to Steely Dan a lot. In my seemingly endless drives up and down the NY Throughway, I need to have good music to get past the boredom. It’s a straight stretch of highway all the way up to Albany, and there’s not much to look at. It takes about an hour, so a good playlist is essential. Sometimes for laughs, I listen to NPR (National Public Radio). It’s a domestic terrorist mouthpiece masquerading as a radio station. It’s a bit like the ABC, constant gaslighting, insane commentary, and hourly updates about ‘climate change’, racism and women’s issues. Great listening, and all narrated in that sing-song hypnotizing cadence that lulls NPCs into a progressive stupor.

Such a lot of fun, until it’s not and I want to crowbar the radio out of the dashboard and throw it under the wheels of the nearest big rig.. My music selection has some core elements that I don’t really get sick of. There are certain southern gospel tracks that I like, and I don’t get tired of them, like I do with the secular stuff. It’s weird, but I think it’s mainly because they are good songs to sing along to. I have a couple of karaoke versions of these songs, but I change the words. Usually in a very bad way. I can’t help it. Anyway, back to Steely Dan. Their first three albums were great, but the latter years is patchy in my opinion. There are a couple of stand out tracks, but the last album, Two Against Nature, seems like the work of people going through the motions for a contract obligation or a payday.

I shouldn’t trash the Dan, and I’m not really. I like their stuff. Some things I absolutely will not tolerate though. Rap ‘music’ would be top of the list. Contemporary country is another. Extreme death/black/satanic metal, Trad jazz, White men (and especially White women) singing the blues, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Mungo Jerry, I could go on and on. Classical music is not anything I listen to either. There was one piece that I really liked a lot for a while, and it was written by a local composer. Unfortunately I can’t remember the title or the author. Maybe by the time I finish this it will come to me. It’s off the playlist now, so I can’t even look at my phone to find it.

It’s an average, everyday Monday morning as you can see. I did watch something yesterday which was quite jaw-droppingly inane though. It was the newly elected South Australian Premier, Peter Malinauskas. This 42 year old mid-wit was talking about nuclear energy. To put into a context that is easier to understand, let’s substitute the idea of ‘eggs’ in place of nuclear energy.

Thus…”Eggs are a really good source of nutrition. They’ve been proven so. They have a low carbon footprint and are safe to eat. Eggs would really help everyone here in South Australia. We produce eggs to sell to other countries, and eggs really help our economy, therefore I don’t think we’ll be eating eggs here in South Australia.”

It sounds crazy, but that’s literally what he said in regard to nuclear energy. These are the people who are elected to run states. If this trend continues there is literally no hope for anyone down there.