Mitch McConnell,

the US Senate Minority Leader, looked like he had some kind of a conniption yesterday. There he was, about to give a press conference when he just stood there frozen. It was as if time stood still. For about half a minute Mitch stood there looking straight ahead, unblinking. It was reminiscent of the late stages of Communist Russia when decrepit leaders like Brezhnev presided over the slow decline of the Soviet Union. After Lenin had seized control in the Bolshevik revolution of 1917, things began to go sour. In March 1918 the Bolshevik Party was renamed the Russian Communist Party. A few months after coming to power this new Russian regime initiated a series of unprecedented measures intended to destroy all vestiges of private property and centralize the economy.

Mitch plays the human statue game.

Everything began to be run by the central government. Private ownership of real estate was abolished, as was inheritance. The state declared that it owned everything “for the common good”. Money was destroyed by the excessive printing of bank notes. (sound familiar?) In short order the country was fucked, and that’s kind of like what we’re seeing today, only it’s on a global scale. It’s communism on steroids, and like all forms of communism, it is destined to fail. Biden, McConnell et al, have completely lost touch with reality. Elections are rigged and stolen and they don’t care. They talk about stuff that doesn’t exist, and hate anyone who doesn’t align with their warped sense of entitlement. They asked Mitch what had happened later on when he had become lucid again, and he just laughed it off. The joke’s on you.

A ciggie, a hijab, a Star of David ring…simple as…

Yesterday, Irish singer Sinead O’Connor died. It’s not clear what killed her, but then it could have been anything related to “life on earth”. She wasn’t well mentally, and hadn’t been for a long time, and possibly her entire life. Maybe like the pilot whales who mass beached themselves this week in Western Australia, she had other plans. You’ve got to wonder if the whales don’t have a superior level of intelligence as opposed to humans sometimes. The bleeding hearts who all rushed to save them, must have been mystified when the whales, after been pushed out to sea, just swam back in and beached themselves again. It’s almost like they wanted to die.

Non human – Space cats?

Maybe they had a plan also. One that we can’t comprehend, to finally escape this gay earth? As sane well adjusted, rational humans, most of us don’t want to kill ourselves, but perhaps the whales know more than we do? I don’t know. There have been many human death cults over the years. Jones Town, Heavens’ Gate, Aum Shinrikyo, Progressivism. There’s a few. The global narrative is heading more and more towards a death cult. We’re been told this week that there are aliens, “not of this world” found space in craft that have crashed. There is scant evidence of this of course, but that’s not the motivation behind these shocking revelations. The idea is to kill all religious beliefs. If there are aliens in space, then what’s God got to do with it? Stop being superstitious with these outdated primitive faiths in a “higher power”, and we can all work together to defeat any threats the aliens might harbor against us. It’s for “the common good”, you see.

Uh oh, there’s that communism thing again..

The KIngs of Rock and Roll by Far Out – an exclusive unlisted video from last Sunday it the Fortress