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the ABC down under have been lying again. This is no surprise, because as a Domestic Terror Organization, that appears to be their brief. I hate talking about politics, and I won’t, suffice to say that I was intrigued when I saw a report yesterday about the “insurrection” in Russia, and the aftermath when Putin gave a speech about it. Of everything I know about Russia, which admittedly isn’t a lot, I do know that Russians, never, to my knowledge have referred to Russia as “The Fatherland”. Apparently, according to the ABC translator that’s what Putin was calling it a few days ago. Today on the BBC the same speech was translated, and instead of “Fatherland” we heard “Motherland”.

That sounds about right, so why did the assholes at the ABC decide to change the literal gender of the country? Is the translator a moron? The answer most probably lies in the narrative that they are pushing, which is Putin is literally Hitler, who of course referred to Germany as “The Fatherland”. I found it interesting. These people should be fired because in the changing of a phrase, they have painted the whole story in a different light, and it’s wrong. They won’t get fired though, there’s other stories to gaslight people with, such as “male sports organizations are bastions of racism, misogyny and discrimination”.

Russia literally has a gigantic “Motherland Calls” statue in Volgograd

It’s a triviality I know, but such trivialities add up to wilful misinformation and demonization of an entire country, but that’s the plan as well all should now know. Putin, Trump, C02, White males bad. Zelenskyy, Ukraine, refugees, Trans folk, women, diversity and inclusion good. Don’t forget it or your social credit score may suffer.

Again, as I always say, fuck these people.

Before I move off hating things for today, I have to mention something I saw last night on the Glastonbury website. There is some obese Scottish singer called Lewis Capaldi who has Tourette Sydrome. I watched part of his concert, and saw him swearing profusely. He told the children in the audience that “swearing was cool”. If only someone on stage had also told the children that being a morbidly obese fat fuck wasn’t so cool. At least try and conceal it. No, this sad character was threatening to take off his white, and sweaty t-shirt. It worked for Chris Farley I suppose, and then it didn’t.These poor kids were getting a mixed message I think, but then half of England is overweight. It’s that great British cuisine.

Slim Harpo points out the obvious anti Russia media bias.

It has been raining in my heart all morning. No, actually it’s just been raining. “Rainin’ in My Heart” “is a song by the Pretty Things on their album “Get the Picture”. It was written by James Moore and Jerry West. James Moore, aka Slim Harpo recorded the original version which reached 17 on the Billboard R n B charts, and 34 on the pop charts in 1961. I like the Pretty Things version. A few others have recorded the song as well. According the Wikipedia it was the “B” side of the single. Who knows? Slim Harpo died of heart attack due to complications from a punctured lung in 1970.

How did his lung get punctured though? The internet isn’t telling us shit. Don’t you hate that? Slim played the harmonica as well as guitar. I guess that’s how he got the “Harpo” name. It would be difficult if not impossible, to play the harp with a punctured lung I would think. I’ve exhausted this topic now, though I do like some of Slim Harpo’s songs and his style of Swamp Blues as they are calling it.

The “Things” without their fabulously insane original drummer Viv Prince. Skip Allan is just too nice.