Oh dear,

they’re losing the plot over at the ABC. I know it was a bad idea, but I turned on the TV this morning, and the first thing I saw was a 30 something woman with significant cleavage peeking out from a voluminous dress. (I’m not against this btw, in fact I encourage it) I wondered what this show could be. She was saying we can’t let these people dehumanize us. They have to be stopped. Our very civilization depends upon it, or words to that effect. The caption came on screen that she was an editor for the British Guardian newspaper. When she has finished talking, we got a view of the host and the rest of the panel. The host was a man I’ve seen before. This fellow has another show called “Planet America”, which consists of him and another dopey looking bloke poking fun mostly at Donald Trump and the MAGA movement. How long will it be before the word MAGA is a banned term, I’m wondering now. This will make more sense when you understand when you read on about what’s happening with the “transgender movement” which is what they were discussing.

Smug Moira – according to the Drum, a probable Nazi by association

Apparently a Liberal politician had gone to a rally called “Let Women Speak”. It’s a global movement founded by someone called Kellie Jay Keen. I don’t have time to wade through the sewer of the internet to find out what they actually do, but this rally had something to do (I think) about transgender people and how maybe it wasn’t such a good idea for everyone.

The subject of ‘the Drum’ discussion was a woman by the name of Moira Deeming. She’s a Victorian Liberal politician who attended the rally, and that, apparently was a bad and hateful thing to do. The rally was also attended by members of the National Socialist Movement who repeatedly performed the Nazi salute, and they say she knew about it. Oh no! Immediately the Victorian Attorney-General Jaclyn Symes said the government would fast-track legislation to ban the Nazi salute. They’ve already banned the Swastika, what’s next I wonder? Wearing Jackboots? Where does it end?

The room temperature IQ panel at the Drum were writhing in indignation and outrage over the idea that mentally ill people would be denied the opportunity to cut off their genitals and harass women into accepting them as real women and allowing them into their bathrooms and sports events. It was horrific that these Nazis were protesting against it. One particularly stupid looking fellow came on and told us that Nazis were “all about hurting people”. “That’s what they do”, he said. “They want to kill people”. Oh, ok chief, we’ll ignore all the murderous Bolsheviks of the last century, the bloodthirsty Muslims, and every other psychopath, religious or otherwise, who seem to want to kill people continually 24/7 then. I must be a Nazi though, because at that point I almost wanted someone to kill him, so we wouldn’t have to listen to such inane babbling any more.

American schoolchildren performing the Bellamy salute to the flag of the United States in a classroom in the year 1941*

Let’s face it, most politicians are useless and worthless people.They’re the same types who couldn’t get any friends at school. They didn’t fit it. They joined the student union and realized that they could achieve success by controlling everyone else.The teachers, many of them cut from the same cloth, were their allies. They got respect, they got noticed and they kept at it after they had graduated, by working for the local political party at an early age. Their life and careers were mapped out. They would hardly have to work from then on. Working in the private sector was never going to be an option. They wanted the government jobs. They were the cogs in the wheel, the drones, the faithful public servants who crept up through the ranks, or if their relatives were established politicians, they were fast tracked into the ministerial area. They are career politicians, and that’s really what’s wrong with the ‘business’ of politics. It’s a family business and the average person isn’t wanted. The current Australian Prime Minister is a text book example. Canada’s PM, and the former leader of New Zealand, are all career politicians. They have almost no concept of how things work in the real world.

Swastika – one is an ancient Hindu symbol. The other one can’t be seen, it’s too dangerous.

All they do is react to the pressure groups that the party tells them are either “right” or “wrong”. In this case ‘transgenders’ are right, and normal thinking, sane people are ‘wrong’, and we must stop them at all costs. As Ms “look at my floppy tits’, from the Guardian says, “the fate of civilization is at stake” That’s the state of world now. They want to ban Nazis, the Swastika, (an ancient Hindu symbol) the ‘Hitler salute’ (a Roman salute from antiquity), and label anyone who disagrees with any of this dystopian madness, “phobic” in some way. What these mutts don’t (or do) understand is that no one is scared of these things, but that’s all they have, name calling. What they really want to do is ban nature. Good luck with that.

*The Bellamy salute is a palm-out salute created by James B. Upham as the gesture that was to accompany the American Pledge of Allegiance, whose text had been written by Francis Bellamy. It was also known as the “flag salute” during the period when it was used with the Pledge of Allegiance. Bellamy promoted the salute and it came to be associated with his name. Both the Pledge and its salute originated in 1892.