Oh yeah,

It’s gotten cold again. But no snow so far. Winter is 10 days away, and yet this morning on NPR they’re still talking about the imaginary climate change like it’s real. Interestingly at the COP(D)28 Climate conference this year they have agreed that nuclear power is ok now. Since it’s been obvious to even the most mentally challenged idiot that ‘renewables’ aren’t going to replace so-called ‘fossils fuels’ any time soon, the fools and grifters that attend these events have had a “Come to Jesus Moment”. Meanwhile Down Under, they are ignoring all of this sage advice and are doubling down on their ‘renewables’ push. Every time I see one of these mouth breathing imbeciles such as the current treasurer Jim Chalmers, whose main qualifications seem to be a a doctorate in political science from the Australian National University, I want to vomit. In other words here is a career politician, who knows nothing about anything at all other than to work within the system. This is why nothing useful ever gets done.

“Unlock Climate Finance” = Money for Nothin’ and Chicks for Free.

These people are deeply embedded in the business of politics, and it shows every time they open their mouths. They are financial and fiscal idiots, completely out of their depth. Every time I witness this, I can’t help feeling what a tragedy it is that such utterly stupid people hold the reins of power. It’s a sad and sorry situation indeed, and there isn’t much hope that it will change in the near, or even distant future. These people have no business running anything. The Labor party have fulfilled their usual promise of fucking everything up six ways to sunset as they normally do, and will lose the next election. It’s a pattern as old as time itself. They will be replaced by a so-called conservative government (the “Liberal” Party, lol) who will be almost as bad, but will essentially do as little as possible in order to not upset the sheep who have had no real choice in who they get to vote for probably in the entire history of the nation. This most probably holds true for all Western Democracies I would think. The business of politics has nothing to do with serving the voters in any way, shape or form.

Jim has expressed positive views on the concept of a universal basic income. Oh, he’s a real genius alright.

It’s all as boring as batshit I know, but I have to talk about something. The good news (if there is any) is that the baby killer Queensland premier has resigned. She’s probably seen the hospital stats that are demonstrating the hard facts that there has been a huge and ongoing die-off happening since all the ‘covid’ vaccinations, that she was largely responsible for bullying people into. That this is real is surreal, but it is. It’s undeniable now, yet a year or so ago, anyone saying this would happen was labeled a conspiracy theorist. They probably still are attacking people about it down there. The ABC is shilling the latest ‘vaccine’ for the latest ‘variant’ to this day. It’s called the Kraken variant, and I’m not making this shit up. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2023-12-11/new-covid-booster-vaccine-omicron-kraken-variant-atagi-advice/103212564

These people are completely insane, but they’ll tell you you’re the crazy one. There is no hope for demoralized people though.

This is what AI spat out when I typed in “Kraken with a hypodermic needle in Australia surrealistic art.” Are you scared enough now? Get vaxxed!!!!!

I’ve got too much to do this week, and Christmas and New Year is rushing up Broadway at a rapid pace. It would be nice to slow down time, indeed it would be great to reverse it. There is a theory that the space aliens who are visiting us are actually humans from the future. They’ve developed the technology to go back in time, but they can’t change anything, they can only observe. A lot of the time I feel like a time traveling space alien myself. I can’t believe the things I’m seeing. As one of my old rag trade bosses Mr Spiegler, used to say, “This is not a business”.