On Monday I was

talking about the release of F’s new album and I was going to look for songs that I had recorded to put out an Ian Stephen release shortly afterwards. I started looking through some old hard drives and immediately found about 30 songs that I’d written and recorded and had forgotten about. It’s a lot of material. I can see why it didn’t make the cut at the time. Some of the drum sounds I didn’t like, but I can fix those with AI, so now I have to go through all of this stuff and make it good, and I’ll be flooding that market with my music for decades. It doesn’t cost that much to digitally release music any more. It was about 40 bucks for the last 20 years, and now it’s only $9.99. Anyone who can gather together some sounds and upload them in the correct format can release a recording at that price. I can’t imagine how much digital landfill is out there already. Do people even care about music any more to the point where they’ll pay for it? Anyone can just download or stream it for next to nothing. Music is almost worthless and when AI starts making its own, you won’t even know if it’s Taylor Swift or Tailor Swifte. You know it’s gonna happen.

This is an actual photograph from the Jerusalem Post. Are they ‘aving a laff?.

Pro tip. Don’t decide on a career in the creative arts to get rich. It’s probably going to be entirely wiped out by artificial intelligence. Try politics instead. It’s a life time career with lavish benefits and you’re accountable to no one. Maybe your donors and lobbyists but that’s it. Certainly not the voters. Fuck them. It’s hard not to be cynical when you see what these people do. How they comport themselves, and how it’s just a big club and you’re not a member.

I’m going to stop talking about it, and talk about something that appeals to me. Flea Markets. The on that I used to go to in Middletown was closed down a while ago but now it has reopened in almost the same place. The building that it used to be in was demolished along with a great discount store that had been there since the 50’s. This seems to be happening a lot lately. The fake pandemic did a lot of damage and Jeff Bezos is finishing it off. I saw a very long line of container carriages last week and 2/3rds of them had the smiley face Amazon logo on them. That’s about 60 containers worth, possibly a lot more. I’ve never seen this before and now I see these things go up the river all the time.

This is a real photograph. It’s a shit load of Bozo.

Whenever I see the Amazon logo on anything moving, it always reminds me of the movie Catch 22 where an enterprising World War Two mess officer named Milo Minderbinder becomes an entrepreneur by endlessly expanding his operations to the point where he is almost single handedly running the entire military organization. His operation becomes so impervious and enormous that he eventually begins contracting missions for the Germans, fighting on both sides of the conflict. Minderbinder’s logo M&M Enterprises is on everything, and that’s where the Amazon reference comes in. Jeff’s logo is on everything too. It’s the creepy smiley face of syndicate capitalism which consumes everything it it’s path, but It’s Thursday. I’ve got to go through all of these recordings that I found and see what I can do with them.

Hey music creators. If Spotify is the organ grinder, you are the monkey.

With a thousand dollars I could release 100 albums and flood the market with my stuff. It would be a drop in the ocean of what’s already out there. God knows how much music goes up on these digital platforms every minute. You know it’s a lot when they’ll do it for 10 bucks, but they don’t care about the artist any more. They just want your money. Music is a dirt cheap commodity where the creators are paid peanuts. Spotify, who pay people like me for downloads in fractions of cents, has a current market cap of 42 billion dollars. Two years ago it was 15 billion. I’ve made approx 100 dollars in digital downloads in those same two years. Someone is making a lot of money out of music streaming and downloading but it’s not the people who create it. You start to get the feeling that you’re being robbed after a while.