On the BBC

this morning when they weren’t gushing over the new permanent David Bowie exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum, they were telling everyone how great it was that the UK was sending Leopard tanks to Ukraine to keep the ongoing escalation into inevitable World War Three that the globalists have an absolute hard on for. It’s Feb 23. Given that the average energy bill for the UK is around 1700 quid, five of these 6 million pound tanks could probably pay the gas bill of everyone in the UK many times over. At what point do the people wake up to the fact that they are just pawns in this game of demonic avarice? This is nuts, not to mention annoying, and when you realize that World War two could have been avoided if Churchill had made a peace deal with Hitler. Instead he set in place the unnecessary deaths of millions of people, and yet bunkum history declares him a great leader. Nothing could be further from the truth. Churchill was a drunkard who he owed certain people money, and they in their demonic lust for power wanted a conflict, and they demanded it.

Churchill (when he’s not a racist) is normally covered in red paint

The same thing is happening today, with this bullshit war in Ukraine. Biden and his handlers pushed Russia into it by insisting that Ukraine join Nato. The Russians and Ukrainians had an agreement that this was never to happen, and so now Russia is the perceived aggressor, when in fact the same war mongering profiteers are behind this whole sham, just as they were in WW2. Nobody wants it, yet nobody seems to be able to do anything about it. It’s more tanks for Ukraine for the glorious war, more money from Uncle Sam. Millions of people in the west are homeless, can’t pay their bills and struggling, yet this obscenity continues? It’s a fucking disgrace and the BBC should be ashamed of themselves for being the war propagandists they are. They claim to care for the British people, but their actions tell us they don’t give a fuck. The British people are trodden down circus clowns, there for the entertainment of the better off. There’s an old song which goes,

“Rule, Britannia! rule the waves:
“Britons never will be slaves.”

Well, Britain no longer rules the waves and Britons are essentially slaves now, so they should really stop singing that at the last night of the Proms.

Both of those claims in the sing are demonstrably incorrect, and they can thank Churchill at least in part, for that. When you have entire nations run by delusional, out of touch, mentally ill elites what do you expect? The Commonwealth countries are overseen by woke, climate change devotees. Crazy people, with zero understanding of reality. The fake pandemic showed us how dangerously dumb they are. It also showed us that their decisions are largely informed by the United Nations, an unelected bunch of high ranking communist officials, whose sole purpose in life seems to be extracting money from wealthy western nations. The criminally stupid dopes willingly hand over their constituents hard earned money for what is a gigantic scam and a hoax. It’s a criminal enterprise. It’s protection money. The mafia are envious of these people. They seem to operate above the law completely. What law? They are the law. “Climate Change is real, we said so, pay up now.”

“Hitler’s creepy relationship with his almost human dog” (according to this picture)

Can’t pay your energy bill? Don’t worry, the government will step in and pay it for you using your own money that would ordinarily be used to build roads and infrastructure. Everyone in England seems to be on strike for better pay, yet Richie Sunak or whatever his name is, keeps shilling for this fucking war. More tanks, more money, more refugees. People are struggling to pay high energy bills because of ‘Net Zero’ targets set by the crooks at the UN. Everything is blamed on the ‘war’. Some of us, as I’m sure plenty of people in the build up to the last fake war, can see through this charade. It’s all about money, all of it. They want to bankrupt Russia like they did to Germany. It’s the same game plan, and they don’t give a fuck if you approve of it or not.