One of the

dumbest corporate decisions in recent times was Starbuck’s CEO, Howard Shulz’s idea to have his employees “start a conversation about race”. It was about as stupid and egregiously offensive as you can get. I’ve never been there since, and hell will freeze over before I ever do. Something similar happened with Target and their ‘tranny bathrooms”. Virtue signaling gone mad. This morning I went to “Sam’s Club”, which is Walmart’s discount bulk buy equivalent of Costco, etc. It’s the kind of place where you can buy jumbo tubs of ice cream, or deep fried wings at a reduced price. If you ever needed slop like that, which is designed to ruin your health. I joined up last year because they had a $4.99 membership deal. I already have an account with a place called BJs, and we all know there’s nothing better than BJs, right? (the joke never gets old for me) I didn’t really need Sam, but since it was cheap, I thought I’d give it a try. The regular membership is $50 a year. It was ok, and the only thing different from BJ, was that Sam’s croissants were better. Anyway, to cut a boring story short, I was there this morning to buy some stuff, (croissants and some fruit) and as I was trying to check out, the scanner wasn’t working. I hailed the nearby assistant to find out what the problem was. “It’s not scanning”, I said.

The fellow looked at the screen and told me that I’d have to upgrade my membership to continue. Indeed, the screen had a message which said that for $17 more, based on a pro rata calculation of what was left on my membership I could, in fact buy the things that I had spent the last half hour loading into my cart. Of course this seemed insane, as in fact it was. What kind of business penalizes people financially for showing up early? Is this even constitutional? It’s certainly un American, but Walmart hasn’t been a shining light in that department for decades. Walmart’s relentless expansion across the American landscape destroyed many small towns by hollowing out their main street commercial hubs and retail centers. They have literally torn the heart out of small town USA with their avarice. We’ve learned to ignore this destruction of our cities for the sake of convenience.

This idea that you have to pay a premium to shop before 10 am is a horrible idea. It makes no sense at all as a business decision. It’s a jump the shark moment’ as far as I’m concerned. It’s as bad as, in fact possibly worse, than the Howard Shultz “let’s have a conversation about race”, because it discriminates against people with the good habits of getting things done early, and going about life in an efficient way. It’s barbaric. It’s not like the place was overcrowded even. There was barely anyone there. It was 9.30 am for fuck’s sake! They expect me to wait around until 10 just to buy their shit?

Sam will even jab you too, if you like.

They could have even let me buy what I had with an acknowledgment that I was now aware that this was their policy, but no. Pay more or get out. Restaurant owners and the people who run cafes, have other wholesale places that specifically cater to them, so whose dick are Sam’s Club trying to suck with this discriminatory policy? The whole experience was made worse because it came without warning. It was like being mugged by a corporation. Scammed for the good idea to get things done early, and on top of that supporting their stupid America destroying business model. I looked at my account later and naturally it was defaulted to “auto renew”. Not any more. Fuck you cunts. I sincerely hope with the entire power of the universe that Walmart goes out of business. They don’t deserve customers with bullshit like that. Not that they really did in the first place. They’re really fucking stupid assholes.

They’ll never see me again