One of these days

I’m going to redesign this website. I don’t like the typefaces, I don’t like the format, and I don’t like the way the software works (or doesn’t). It’s WordPress and it’s supposed to be fully customizable, but they don’t make it easy. That’s my personal gripe for this morning. Other than that I just came back from the Price Chopper up the road that nobody goes to. The few people that are there, look like the living dead. It’s perfect. Things are cheap, especially in the day old section. It’s all half off. I got some bread rolls. The deli counter is always abandoned. The lady, when she is there, is always cursing. She wants to rip somebody (maybe her manager? ) a new asshole. She says she’s going to do it the day that she quits. I bought some roast beef. She said the Italian stuff was very “brown”, so I took her advice and got the other not brown one.

“The captions write themselves”

Roast beef should be red on the inside, not brown. I said, “I don’t want a shit ton of it, I’m just making a sandwich”. She smiled at that. I’m not a vegetarian, although I was once. I went to Texas as a vegetarian and left a carnivore. It just didn’t make sense any more. You always hear that Hitler was vegetarian. If you do an internet search about it, you’ll get all kinds of weird stories..“Debunking the myths about meat-free diets and their apparently racist links.” Which is an attempt to debunk the Hitler vegetarian myth while promoting Veganism. If Hitler was a vegetarian they have spelled it incorrectly. Surely he would have been a Vegetayran?

In case you can’t be bothered reading that article, it basically says that the association of Nazis and veganism as an attack on veganism itself. declares that Hitler was a strict ethical vegetarian. Here’s a good one from “Since his death on April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler has become synonymous with evil. A new study of his teeth by French researchers, however, has revealed more clues to Hitler’s life, including confirmation of his vegetarianism.” They even have pictures of his teeth to confirm it.

Hitler and some strange dog who is not Blondi.

The article tells us that “the teeth revealed to the researchers a lack of any heavy metals that could suggest Hitler put a gun in his mouth to commit suicide. However, mysterious blue deposits found on the metal dental bridges and the surfaces of the remaining teeth may need to be further analyzed in order to “track any relationships with the ingestion of cyanide at the moment of death.”

So Hitler didn’t blow his brains out as has been reported? I don’t know who to believe any more. Everything’s a lie. The link for the radio show download hasn’t been posted yet, but I’ll put it here whatever day it goes up. Maybe a permanent one on the front page. Doing that show took me back to my radio DJ days, and I quite enjoyed it. I might even do a weekly podcast if I can figure out how to do it here.