Pee Wee Herman ran

away to join the circus yesterday. Actually he died, but the first description sounds more pleasing to me, anyway. Pee Wee’s first two movies were great, and I must watch his last one if I can find it somewhere. I don’t have much to say about this, the media critics and experts will all weigh in on it, so anything I say will probably be redundant anyway. I liked his shtick, he was a funny cat, he’ll be missed. In other news the New York Post is saying that “Former Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer told Congress Monday that Hunter referred to President Biden as “my guy” while connecting his dad to foreign associates nearly two dozen times.” Will anything meaningful come of it? Who knows? I’d be willing to bet that the mainstream news is going to completely ignore this while screaming about Trump’s latest indictment.

Pee Wee – “most of my friends have big butts”

Yes, I can confirm that they have. The CBS news website has this as their headline – “Joe Biden has decided to keep U.S. Space Command headquarters in Colorado, reversing plans by the Trump administration to move the headquarters to Alabama.” No mention of the breaking news that Joe is corrupt at all. This is why when I talk to people in Australia and elsewhere about politics, all I get is a deafening silence and a regurgitation of left wing talking points. It all went to hell when Trump got elected in 2016. I remember having a conversation with one of the Slaughtermen guitarists (Doolan) about Trump. I said that the way that Trump moved about on stage reminded me of him (Doolan). I was trying to be complimentary.

I like Terry and I also like Trump, but Doolan wasn’t having any of it. Trump was an asshole and that was it. Now he is entitled to think that way, but I have no idea what his position on Trump is today, I have no idea if he even still alive, nobody talks to me. Every single person I knew in my past life there though, with rare exceptions, seems to have the same point of view. It is group think on steroids. I’m sure they still think that way, because I (used) to see it on social media all the time. Nothing could be further from the truth, but there’s no convincing them otherwise. Trump’s a bad person because of… fill in the blank, and that’s that. The same thing happened with the bloody fake pandemic. Lock downs were necessary, and if you weren’t getting jabbed you were a selfish asshole. I don’t think much has changed there either. It’s depressing, but you can’t dwell on these things. Some people are just too far gone, and you have to move on. They think I’m insane, I’m sure. Whatever man…they’ll never forgive me for leaving them.

Slaughtermen (the other kind)

This is what the swine in the media have done to people. They continue to do it. Things are so fucked up now that nobody has any idea of how they are supposed to think about anything. I started watching commercial TV last week for the first time in a long time. In Australia it used to be fairly homogeneous, but now it’s diversity, race mixing and an over preponderance of people who look like they belong somewhere else. Nobody (apart from me) can say anything about it of course, because it’s simply “bad think” to express that it’s anything other than the great and noble progressive idea of diversity and inclusion. I’m not against what people do in private, who they marry or hook up with. That’s not the point, I don’t like seeing it being constantly shoved in my face so it seems like everyone’s doing it all day, every day, so what does that make me? Hitler, I guess.

Literally Hitler

Put it another way. We don’t see any of this in other countries, other than the rapidly disappearing western “white” ones. I’ve watched Indian TV, Japanese TV, Arab TV, Chinese TV and African TV on satellite, and I don’t see the amount of race mixing or “diversity” that I see in Australian, UK or US TV advertisments. In fact, I’ve never seen any. I’ve never seen any of the racially based messages that are a constant on western TV. I wonder why. It’s almost like there is a concerted effort to fundamentally change white countries via propaganda and of course, mass immigration. There are three major ad agencies in the world today. Perhaps somebody should start asking them what their role in all of this is?

None of it makes any sense at all, unless your plan was to demoralize and confuse the host nation. It’s working quite well, because to even question the motivation behind this weird narrative, is going to create such an unpleasant cognitive dissonant reaction that it’s not worth the trouble. In the long run, I don’t think people are that stupid though. What ever is going on, you can be certain that at the moment, anyone noticing this will be guilty of “wrong think”. Orwell has shown us how that ends, and it’s not good.

Here’s a rockin’ tune from Sunday – Dear Heart.