Phone companies and

Internet providers suck. Ever since I upgraded my phone, it takes longer to “start” and it now automatically connects to wi fi without me asking. There also seems to be no way to turn that off. While I was looking for a way to turn that off, I noticed a warning that I was 5 megabytes away from going over some arbitrary 100 mb cap, that they appear to have instituted on my plan, which, up until now, I thought was unlimited. Perhaps it’s the nanny phone assuming that I’m destitute and on some other plan. Who the fuck knows? It’s annoying. It’s the fucking wild west now, because these cowboys are making shit up on the fly. Try calling some of them, and there isn’t even a number you can call sometimes. You end up talking to a robot most of the time.


Right now I’m talking to a robot who will not connect me to a live agent no matter what I tell it. I want to kill the robot. This number was given to me by a live person, who clearly didn’t want to deal with my problem at all. They sounded like they were in the Philippines. The 800 number I called has a demon on the other end of the line. I am sure of it. To cut a long story short, I eventually, finally got to speak to a human and he was actually quite helpful. I’ve given T-Mobile the boot, and good riddance!

Driving back from VT it was a bit smoky up around Albany, but it cleared up the closer to NYC I got. Listening to PBS on the radio there was an unfortunate break from the usual insane, left wing, but highly entertaining programming, for a special press conference with the NY Governor, Kathy Hochul. More alarmist nonsense I haven’t heard since…maybe yesterday.? The message was “This is the new normal now…”stay inside, put your A/C on recycle mode and of course…wear a mask.” The underbelly of this ridiculousness was naturally to push the “climate change” donkey around. It was as comical as it was predictable.

Anyone who starts off with, “This the new normal”, should be barred from public office IMO. I had to switch it off because my brain was starting to feel like this morning’s lawn after Mr Skunk had been through and tore it all up again last night. Public enemy number one is this skunk, which I would happily shoot if I could, but what do I do with a dead skunk on the lawn? Imagine the smell. I think these destructive pests are protected as well, so I’ll have to drive it away by some other means. Maybe an endless loop of Kathy Hochul talking about Climate Change?

Hochul – The New (Ab)Normal

I did also listen to more of the Beatles, but I got tired of it quickly. John Lennon was the driving force, really. His voice is stronger, and more authentic than McCartney, who seems to be trying to decide in what voice he’s going to sing something in with each passing album. His songs are trite to the point of embarrassing sometimes. “Lady Madonna, darning her stockings..see how they run.” Please…

I’m exhausted from doing all this phone switching now, so I’m going to stop. I was on the phone for about an hour, but the fellow was good at his job, thankfully, and he didn’t call me “Mr Ian”, like who the hell other characters in the Philippines I was talking to initially. Fuck’s sake.