Snow Wolf and the 7 Dweebs

On the weekend I caught wind of Taylor Swift’s gazillion dollar world tour. I say ‘caught wind’ because the whole thing stank to high heaven. I don’t normally care what Taylor Swift does, but this time I was exposed to some of the “live in person” version of it, and it was not pleasant. Right away I realized that I had already heard her music many times because it’s the kind of innocuous dreck that you hear in the supermarket, the mall and discount clothing stores. It’s the modern day equivalent of elevator music. Bland, repetitive and forgettable. It’s the live concert that’s really the bummer. You have to look at how she presents herself. For a start, nobody in the world loves Taylor Swift like Taylor Swift. Despite the millions of screaming fans, they can’t compete with Taylor’s love of Taylor. What little I watched of this travesty would put Madonna, Ga Ga, Cyrus, or whoever else is the current songbird of the moment in the shade. Madonna seems modest by comparison. The constant camera mugging, face pulling and “look at me, aren’t I fabulous” every micro second and every swagger, was a thing to behold. Taylor’s fans don’t seem to care that she literally appears to be mocking their devotion. For sure, the entire show is about one person, and Taylor never lets anyone forget that.

If I was the man, I’d still be a woman.

It’s a spectacle, but in my opinion it’s actually political propaganda. The theme is distinctly feminist, and anti- white male. One of the songs is called “If I was the man”. It’s a stupid song. It’s the kind of thing that you could imagine might even convince some females to try and transition into being a man. It paints a completely false picture of what being a man is as well. (I should know) As if that wasn’t bad enough, in the concert version, Swift appears to be mimicking Rap culture. Her movements as “a man”, are distinctly African American rapper style. Is the message here that the only real men are black men? There is more of that narrative in the next song, but it’s too tiresome to discuss here. It wasn’t necessary. We’d have to ask Taylor that question, or maybe the guy who designed the whole show? It’s odd, but then there are a lot of odd things about this production. There is not a lot of racial diversity either. As far as I could see, apart from the band, Swift is the only white woman in the entire thing. Her dancers, ‘actors’ and handmaidens are ‘people of color’ judging by the first 20 minutes, which is about all I could stand. They did a fine job, not that I need to tell anyone really.

Taylor with the Era’s Tour film director Sam Wrench

Her band, who are mostly white guys, are too used as props. At one point they’re jogging around the stage with their guitars in hand in some kind of dance routine, like puppets, not musicians. This also serves to devalue them visually, and that’s a lot of what this show is about. It’s a message that Taylor Swift is everything, and everyone else is just a minor character to reflect her glory. Feminism I think, is the overriding theme of this shit show, but there are also subtle undertones encompassing Progressive ideology. If globalists set out to design a thoroughly demoralizing portrait of a stateless, borderless, ” you’ll own nothing and be happy” world today, they couldn’t have done better job than this. The critics all LOVE IT TO DEATH! It’s making everyone fortune after all.

Yay for meeeee!

It’s a world where people like me aren’t particularly welcome. Swift, as a female is decidedly unappealing (to me anyway). She resembles an Android in tinsel and rhinestones. She’s not sexy at all, but I don’t think she’s even trying to be. She’s more like a giant Wiggle in a dress that looks like something a drag queen would wear. Her tone at the beginning of the show seemed quite condescending. It was as if she was addressing a class of five year olds. “Ooh! Look at me children. Now you’re going to scream for three and a half hours while I demonstrate how awesome and Godlike I am!” The audience didn’t care. They are all wrapped up in the ecstasy of whatever narrative they have been brainwashed into by this billion dollar marketing phenomenon.