So I had a

dentist appointment this morning. I thought it was for 9, but it was actually for 8. I had it written down as 9, and they didn’t send me the usual reminder email, so I guess it might have been 8, I don’t know. They were pretty good about it anyway. The fact that I drove quite a long way from Vermont yesterday, to get there this morning wasn’t lost on them. If they get a cancellation they’ll let me know. What was more troubling to me was reading yesterday that people are discovering stuff in the vials of dental anesthesia that wasn’t there prior to 2019. Nanotechnology is now being used to manufacture these products. It would be nice if people were offered informed consent before being given them. I for one, don’t really want graphene or some other weird stuff injected into my bloodstream, which is what some people are saying is taking place.

You can’t trust anything or anybody anymore. I don’t like saying it, but the world is starting to become more demonic every day. What other explanation is there? Stupidity? Speaking of stupidity, I was just browsing the ABC website and someone by the name of Dan Condon has written an article saying that Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ is one of the biggest songs of the 21st Century. Dan quotes the stats. It topped all the charts yada yada, over three billion streams globally etc etc. Why, even Obama admitted it was one of the songs that helped him find inspiration in his gruelling 2008 campaign.”It was rap that got my head in the right place,” President Obama said in an Instagram post in 2020.

M and M. Still sulking. Why the long face? You be rich now.

Clearly I have no idea what good music is. Fuck me, what did I just say about stupidity? To each their own, but the song is musical garbage in my opinion. If it is music, it’s a poor excuse for it. With all the gazillions of streams and chart topping excellence, this is the first I’ve heard of the piece of crap, so I’m in a good loop, which is out of that one. You may have guessed I’m not a fan of rap. Semi illiterate poetry mumbled threateningly over a pedestrian AI manufactured drum and bass beat is not my idea of a good time. Sometimes it starts off promising with an almost pleasant melody as with this offering, but then the grunting begins. Anything remotely good is all washed away to be replaced with what amounts to be an audio assault on the senses. Forget about banning AR15’s, ban fucking rap. It’s largely toxic, destructive musical retardation.

Poe probably wouldn’t be impressed with your retarded shit.

I didn’t mean to get mad this morning. It’s a nice day. Missing the dentist was annoying. He’s a nice guy, he doesn’t need it any more than I do. Anyway, shit happens. I’m just now looking at the rest of this article. It’s unbelievable. Get this, “‘Lose Yourself’ is one of those songs that somehow touches everyone. A song that’s impossible to ignore. The kind of music moment that only comes around once or twice a decade.”

Who writes this fawning nonsense? Is this guy for real? Is he havin’ a laff? What the fuck? Watch me ignore it. It’s fucking horrible. The vocal sounds terrible, it’s a horrible whining pitch. The whole thing is a CATASTROPHE. It’s demonstrative of how far down the evolutionary rung ‘popular culture’ has sunk. It is a bellwether of a monumental failure of society that people think this is good. There is nothing musically redeemable beyond the first 30 seconds. The “song” is a net negative, it’s a cultural weapon that celebrates musical inanity and ugliness. It doesn’t pass muster for what should fit the definition of music, and the author of the story HAS CLOTH EARS.

Sixteen minutes and 46 seconds of actual (the drums parts that are out of time are deliberate) music.