Thank God it’s Friday.

Although it wasn’t a particularly difficult week, I can take a break from this journal for a couple of days. It’s not a hard task. I can do this in less than an hour, but it’s been so hot, and there is so much horse shit in the news, that I’d rather not sit here and talk about it. This morning I went downstairs and the water filtering system had spontaneously sprung a leak overnight. There wasn’t a lot of water on the floor, but imagine if I hadn’t been here for a week? That’s why I turn the water off at the other place whenever I leave. Ancient pipes and ancient plumbing. These two houses have a combined age of over 300 years. Pro-tip, do never buy a house older than say, 50 years. Fuck it, at least I know how to fix things. I won’t be sitting around getting mad like some people I know, because a dopey plumber is late showing up. Now that the younger generation possess less and less practical skills, tradesmen will come and go even more as they please. I can fix most things, actually. I draw the line at electricity when it’s too complicated. The neutrals and the hot wires and such. I’d rather mess around with hot wives. That’s probably just as dangerous though.

You can always hit the Home Depot for talent

All jokes aside, this weather sucks, but we’re stuck in it for a while. Last night I tested out the feedback killer that I was talking about. The AFS2. I plugged it in and the “wizard” did the rest. There was a smidgin of feedback, but I think it will work if I crank it down a little. It’s the vocalist’s nightmare, not being able to hear oneself. My voice isn’t what it used to be, that much I know, but it sounds fine for the material that I wrote for it’s current state. I can’t sing as high as I used to, and there is a range in the middle that tends to break up when it shouldn’t. Years ago I read that Tom Waits wanted his voice to sound old, and cracked like some ancient blues singer. All you had to do was “wait” pal. It eventually gets there. Have you listened to Bob Dylan lately? His voice is fucked, but then he’s constantly on the road. He was never a great singer in the first place though, it’s just gotten worse than when he started out.

Nixon pulled no punches.

I’ve had… ahem, proper voice training at the Melba Conservatory, but I still managed to do some damage along the way. I could tell who I think sucks as a singer, and there are a lot of them (Bruce Springsteen), but what I really hate is the faggy* type of singing that Ed Sheeran and all his imitators do. Women aren’t exempt either. There is a trend now to warble your way through a song. It’s actually not a human sound in my opinion. I don’t know what it is, but I’m not going to call it singing. I can’t stand listening to it. A lot of chicks have adopted this because they think it sounds good. My singing teacher, may she rest in peace, would projectile vomit upon hearing it, I’m sure.

Ah, it’s enough already. Happy Friday.

Idiocracy -“Your shit’s all retarded, and you talk like a fag”.

*aah hate speech etc etc. It’s effeminate but faggy sounds better I don’t give a fuck. No harm is intended