The angst and pain

over at MSNBC this morning is off the charts. Last night was the first of the Republican Primaries and Donald Trump won in a landslide. As if that wasn’t bad enough, 66% of the people casting their vote said that they didn’t believe that Jo Biden legitimately won the 2020 election. This was huge, and the actors who play political commentators on these shows on MSNBC, CNN, NBC, etc etc, are having a hard time coming to grips with the fact that their continual gaslighting for the past three years about the legitimacy of the 2020 election hasn’t worked. Morning Joe was like looking a collection of scared cats running around in circles. They even hauled in the disgraced Chris Matthews to explain to everyone why the people had gotten all wrong. It was all about Vietnam, Nixon, Watergate, and things that have happened so long ago that they couldn’t possibly be relevant, but these are desperate people now. They could have blamed global warming it was so ridiculous. Anything they can hang this awful revelation on will do, even if it’s just plain nutso.

Morning Joe in happier times

I found myself yelling at the TV more than once. It was mostly “PUT DOWN THE CRACK PIPE!” Minkella looked traumatized, and Joe was even more defensive than usual. Joe Biden’s campaign assistant came on to tell us that Joe was the hardest working man in politics. Trump “had built nothing”, he said, while Joe had practically reinvented the entire nation in the most wonderful way. Everything was cheaper now, the economy was working great, and Joe was working hard fighting wars. (that he started?) “Put down the crack pipe,” I yelled for the sixth time.

Last night CNN covered the whole thing. We saw how meticulously the votes were counted in real time. “This was how elections are run.” said the grey haired man who stood in front of the big screen/board all night, showing us the results. “Everything is checked and calibrated thoroughly. It’s how democracy works,” he said, implying that the 2020 election was similarly honest and scrutinized. It wasn’t. In the 2020 Presidential election, counting was shut down early in the evening, so the losing side could manufacture enough votes to put their guy in the lead at 3 am, when there was nobody around to check. There are pages and pages and video of evidence of fraud in many places, so no, that’s not how “democracy worked” in 2020. That little speech was a particularly revolting moment in the history of television, and in my opinion will be shown to history students in years to come, as a classic example of gas lighting in the media.

The entire CNN coverage was gaslighting in fact. When it became apparent that Trump was going to sweep the board, and then the horrifying news that 66% of voters didn’t think Biden was a legitimate president, was when the wheels started coming off. Later on when Trump came on stage at his campaign HQ to give a victory speech, the CNN host started talking over him. Trump was talking about the enormous invasion of illegal aliens that has been happening under the Biden regime. According to the stooge at CNN, Trump was “anti-immigrant”, and people shouldn’t be hearing that.

CNN should really change it’s name to GNN. The Gaslighting News Network. They even have an article on their website explaining what it really is. Maybe they should read it. One wonders how long it will be until these people decide in the light of this news, that Biden might be a tarnished candidate, and find an excuse to dump him. They don’t have much time. The next few weeks in politics are going to be interesting to say the least. They’re going to have to “PUT DOWN THE CRACK PIPE” so they can think straight though. They could just double down on the stupidity, it’s what they seem to excel at.