The Beatles have

released their last song. It was a John Lennon demo found on a cassette by Yoko about 20 years ago. Up until now, it wasn’t fit for public consumption, because Lennon’s voice couldn’t be successfully separated from the piano that was also on the recording. AI tech has finally managed to achieve what was essentially a minor sonic miracle, and so what’s left of the Beatles have managed to complete the song after having no luck, even when George Harrison was still alive. The song itself is ok. Lennon’s not writing any more tunes, so it will have to do. The official video leaves a lot to be desired. If there was any doubt that John Lennon could be an annoying asshole, the video goes out of its way to hammer that into everyone’s skull in 4 minutes and 35 seconds. Did McCartney oversee this? The simpering goofiness is too much. Whatever man. I would love to get my hands on the software they used to make this song happen. The only way it can be achieved (up to a point) is via online AI voice removing apps. There are a bunch of them, and they don’t work that great, but good enough that you could redo a track in a pinch and raise the vocals so that they could be heard better.

This is obviously the Pete Best Beatles innit?

Unfortunately, if you want to do anything serious with this technology there is no software that you can buy as far as I know. It’s all subscription based, so I won’t be signing up for that bullshit. I hate subscription anything that involves paying money. Don’t let this stand in the way of anyone subscribing to my Youtube channel though. It’s not gonna cost you anything. I’ve never monetized anything on there, and I don’t intend to. Not yet anyway. Put it another way. If I became popular enough to make money off Youtube, I probably wouldn’t do it in any case, because I’d be making money from album sales and touring wouldn’t I?

There needs to be viable alternatives to Youtube IMHO. They censor too much content that they don’t think you should be seeing. I know there are others, Rumble… interestingly a Bing search doesn’t even list Rumble or any of the others that I can’t think of right now. Must be people practising “Badthink” on those “alternatives”. That’s genuinely funny. Yes, I’ll go and watch Twitch and 9Gag, what ever the fuck that is. Let’s see..It says 9GAG is the largest meme community on the internet. Really? From what I briefly saw it’s unwatchable, unfunny sheeeit!.

Ted sez what?

The sane people would like an alternate internet thank you. “Facebook Watch”? What the flying fuck is that? Unfortunately I catch tell you because the CUNTS at Facebook have locked me out of my account, even though they know someone broke into it and I have informed them of that. It’s 100% assuredly garbage anyway I have no doubt about it. I see that their Twitter alternative “Threads” has all but disappeared from the face of the earth. Nice try, but no cigar.

There is some other SHIT FESTIVAL called “D Tube” that I should watch, according to these Youtube alternative suggestions. Lemme see. It looks like Youtube but they are using crypto currency to generate viewer voting power.* What the fuck? One of the other ones is Ted Talks. I’m sorry, I just hate the name. I’ve watched “Ted Talks” in the past. Ted is always a boring cunt who raves on for hours, makes no fucking sense and wastes everyone’s time. Fuck Ted, and these inane, bullshit Youtube wannabe’s as well. Meanwhile over on Youtube, every mouth breathing asshole has made a video about their reaction/review/description/first listen to the Beatles last song. There isn’t enough active volcanoes unfortunately to throw these jerks into…I’m kidding..

That is all for now.

* Speaking of Crypto, The company behind the Bored Ape crypto art craze is looking into reports that people have been suffering from eye burn, extreme pain and impaired vision after attending one of its events, which was lit by medical grade UV lights. Oh.. those crypto apes, they’re real geniuses aren’t they?