The big screen TVs

are getting bigger, but the vision of the world that they display is getting smaller. That thought occurred to me as I walked into BJ’s, my local bulk discount store today. We haven’t quite got to the point of “Welcome to Costco, I love you”, but we’re surely not too far off. It’ll will be “Welcome, can I give you a BJ?” Where I shop I would imagine. I only bought a couple of things anyway. I’ve largely disavowed processed and packaged foods since the fake pandemic, when I couldn’t even go in the store without putting a retarded face mask on. Some people would like us to forget all that, but I’m not going to. I’ll keep the memory of that horror alive for ever. People need to go to jail for this. Don’t get me started. (alright, I won’t)

I have nothing to say. There’s nothing going on over at the alt news sites. There’s nothin’ going on in the regular fake news. I did watch a bit of Morning Joe and Minkella. Joe was absent and the conversation was absent of logic, reason and sanity. These people are mad. I’m starting to think that it’s a brain virus or something. Demonic possession? Are they all on the Hallow app, where a fake Jesus appears in your bedroom while your husband is asleep next to you, and suggests you start a relationship with God? In my opinion there is so much wrong with that thing it beggars belief that it even got off the ground. It’s like a subscription to God. Is that what everything is now, a subscription to participating in life?

I know there’s a collection plate in the church, but you’re not obligated to contribute. With the Hallow app, they’ll cut you off from God if you don’t pay. Did I miss anything? Fuck the world, it’s the devil’s playground. Today I’m going to resume editing last Friday’s music session at the Fortress. I had to fuck around for a while with my attempted upgrade to a new desktop. It took me about a week to wrangle Windows 10 into a usable shape. Let me tell you Windows 10 sucks ass and blows a monkey at the same time. In my opinion It’s a catastrophic piece of shit, and that’s being kind. It comes with so much useless garbage it’s not funny. First off you have to delete all the bloatware, and then disable all the spyware.

It then installs this utterly broken shitware called “Windows Boot Manager’ which crashes after about two days, and renders your computer inoperable. You can only access a repair/reset menu in order to “fix” it, but it’s a road to hell that never works. After you’ve jumped through all the Troubleshoot repair/reset/advanced option fixes, it tells you you can “Exit and continue to Windows 10”, where it just crashes again. There is a big button underneath that message which says “Turn your PC off’. That works perfectly. It’s like they’re mocking you at this point.

Hey, just don’t turn the fucker on. Use Linux instead.

Anyhow, it’s kind of working now. I disconnected the original boot drive and maybe the flash drive I’m using to boot Windows now will work better. This is all as boring as batshit, but would you rather I talk about Apple products or the new iphone? I don’t think so. This is what the modern day independent music producer has to deal with. It’s not the 70’s when Fleetwood Mac would spend two weeks in the studio trying to get the perfect drum sound, while they painted the walls pink. Unfortunately a lot of music hardware has been designed primarily to use with Apple products. They half heartedly port the software over to Windows, because they have figured out that more than a few people (such as me), would rather swim in a river of shit, than use anything Apple produces. No offense.

I’m hungry now, but I’m nowhere near the Donut Dip, or even a KK. I need a round shaped thing with a hole in it.