The Deep Freeze

is here. It’s one of those shitty weeks when it snowed most of the day yesterday, and now it will be below freezing until next week. When it snows all day, you don’t get a chance to clear it. Comes the night and by next morning there are sheets of ice everywhere. It’s going to snow on Friday as well, so until next week when the temps go over freezing, we’re stuck in the ice age. I was expecting a package yesterday, and apparently there was an attempted delivery. I know someone had been because I saw footprints in the snow outside. They usually just leave it in the alcove by the front door but, no. Do I have to sign for this? It’s a $20 item. To make matters worse the doorbell is broken even though it’s fairly new, and I don’t answer the door to anyone anyway. Now I guess I’ll have to listen for the delivery guy and run downstairs before he effs off again. It’s fucked up man. The sun is out though, so that’s good.

I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to this climate. Even the birds have gone away. They’re smarter than the people who stay here obviously. It’s not just here, it’s cold everywhere. Damn that global warming. I’ve got nothing to talk about today, but I’ll press on. I’ve almost finished editing the one hour F Live at the Fortress show that was recorded on Dec 29 of last year. I finally managed to wrestle Windows 10 into a usable operating system by turning off all the updates and spyware. I’m sure there’s more, but it’s working now. It never used to be like this. Everything is becoming a subscription now.

Even worse if you buy a printer and sign up for regular ink deliveries. If you decide that you just want to buy your own ink and cancel the service, the printer software nobbles the existing ink cartridges that you have. So much for saving the planet. Sorry, you can’t use these now even though they’re still full of ink. It’s bordering on criminal, but we’re living in the wild west again. Nobody wants to stay in Air B N B’s anymore either. There’s been a huge drop in demand. I don’t care. I think I’ve only ever stayed in one, and it was ok. By the time I was ready to leave, the B n B aspect was pushing me towards bondage followed by beating though. During the scamdemic some people thought this was going to be their ticket to riches. They bought real estate to cash in on the boom and now it’s going bust.

The electric car thing is turning sour as well. It was always kind of a scam anyway. The electric cars were sold to idiots who thought they were saving the planet, and who also thought foolishly that they would save money. Neither of those things were true. By the time you’ve gotten into the green by saving on gas, the car will have a dead battery most likely. This will cost you upwards of ten grand, so there goes your “savings”. I wouldn’t own an EV in this climate if you paid me. You could freeze to death very easily. I could see Elon Musk getting out of the EV business. He made his money on it. Tesla is way over valued in my opinion, and I’m not the only one who thinks that.

The original Jeb!

Fools and their money are soon parted as we’ve seen this week. NIcky Haley, Ron De Santis, and the rest of the Jeb! Republican candidates donors might as well have set fire to the cash. They increased the profits of airlines, hotels, rental car firms and everything else that the Jebs spend money on. It’s good for the economy, I have no doubt. I just went downstairs and wrote “please knock” on the broken doorbell. It’s fucking freezing out there. You just don’t want to be a mailman today. Oh no no no no.

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