The Good News

is that my new song on Youtube has had 90 views in 24 hrs. This is chicken feed compared to Snoop Dork, Drake, Goose, Gander or whoever is being promoted the fuck out of as the grooviest cat, music wise today, but for me it’s an achievement. A couple of people have even left comments. One guy was from from Brazil and he said “that’s great! Brazil here. Peace yall!” Well that was nice. Somebody in Brazil likes what I do, I’m making progress at last. Before I get with today’s journal I’m going to listen to the Drake song, which is number one on the Rap Billboard charts this week and give you my honest opinion of it. This week has been uneventful really. The stock market seems to be getting killed by a death of a thousand cuts. Is this what 80 million people voted for? Zelenskyy and co have been outed for buying oil from the very people they’re supposed to be fighting against, and Elon Musk told everyone among other things, that Larry Page of google was trying to build a digital god with AI, and that he didn’t think space aliens existed, (and that he would know if they did). It’s been a fun week. Today, somebody said that Joe Biden was going to announce his presidential run for 2024. Will he actually win this time, or will the Democrats steal another election? The campaign should provide a wealth of comedy material, if nothing else.

We were also told that some history school textbooks are being written to downplay and denigrate Trump’s presidency and the “Make America Great” movement in general. It’s weird when you live in a place where the mainstream media equates wanting to make the place you live in better, with being a domestic terrorist. You have to ask at some point, who are the real terrorists here? The Left loves Antifa, BLM, transgender activists who want to mutilate children, illegal aliens, war and chaos, yet somehow the MAGA people are the bad guys? It’s absurd. There’s a lot of absurdity around. Next week I’ll tell you the ongoing story of how my application to renew my Australian driver’s license is going. To be topical, it’s like being in the movie 1985 “Brazil” with a side order of “Catch 22”.

It’s Friday, so I’m going to quit talking about this and have a listen to this great number one Billboard Rap song, “Search and Rescue”……I watched the “official visualizer”. I got through exactly 42 seconds. It’s garbage in my opinion. There’s nothing there, and it sounds EXACTLY LIKE EVERY OTHER SHITTY RAP SONG!!!! What the fuck, already? Why do all these songs start off with unintelligible grunting? “Eh! Eh!….etc etc” It’s not worth my time to pay attention to, kind of like Joe Biden’s “presidency”. I’ll leave it here so you can judge for yourself. I was going to put my song here as well, but it’s TOO GOOD TO SHARE THE SAME PAGE AS THIS (in my opinion) LOW EFFORT MONOTONOUS MEDIOCRITY!!!

For the record I have nothing against Drake, I wish him well. These are my opinions only. I have no wish to start a gang war. I have no gang for a start. Drake is welcome to say my song is the biggest piece of crap he’s every heard, and I won’t get offended. It’s a free country after all ain’t it? …oh, wait a minute… Happy Friday.

3 million views in 10 days. I must be doing something wrong.