The leaves

are starting to turn here in the North East, but tomorrow it’s gonna be 84 deg F. It’s the Goldilocks autumnal taste of what the summer should have been. Next week it will be fucking cold again. I booked a trip to Hawaii later in the year, so I don’t care. I’ll be eating lots of Lau Lau and drinking the free coffee at the plantation up there on the road to the volcano when everyone else is freezing their cunt off back here. After that I might just start traveling all over the place just for fun. I’ll buy one of the those RVs that I keep looking at on Craigslist. Someone has a Fleetwood Bounder for sale that they will deliver. I’ll take it! 33 feet of Detroit steel on wheels. I’ll just park it here and think about driving it somewhere for a while. South would seem to be a good destination, that’s where the birds are all going.

The Fleetwood Bounder – best selling in it’s class

This journal today is fairly aimless, but I have to write something. My phone just pinged me, and it’s my neighbor who is in Portugal. She asked me to turn on her house for some Air B n B guests, because she was going to be away, and now she wants me to check that they turned everything off before they left. I don’t mind doing it, but I don’t want to be an Air B n B manager. I don’t really like the idea of Air B n’ B, but this is the world today. People rent out their houses to strangers for money. Everyone is a slave to the people who own these fucking apps, like Uber. If there’s any app I hate more than anything else it’s fucking Uber. “Uber” was invented by a couple of San Franciscans who were having trouble hiring a private driver for New Year’s Eve. Their 2022 revenue was 31 billion, so you can imagine how much these fat cats earn from the commission they get every time one of their paid slaves goes to work. Whenever I think about Uber, which is practically never, I think axe to the head to whoever is talking about it.

I should have asked for a Portugese Man o’ War

Apparently my neighbor has an “assistant” who does all the cleaning. She asked me “do I want anything from Portugal?” I have have no idea what they have there, so I said “no thanks.” See how this is going today? It’s going nowhere. It’s uber directionless. I’m going to start taking back words that have been appropriated by people for other means. Yes, maybe I’ll even go for a swim, it’s going to be so hot. It’s going to be “oven like” for at least three days. My campaign of avoiding the “media” is going well, although someone was trying to tell me about something in the “news” the other day.

I said I don’t watch the “so and so” media, and immediately was attacked for suggesting that somehow it was biased in some way. Facts are facts though, and although some people have their own “facts”, some things are irrefutable. The media is heavily biased by the people who own it. It has always been that way. Here’s the thing. Once you stop engaging in this psyop that is the modern media, you get your mind back. I’m not giving that up again to anyone, and even though I know that it is mostly propaganda, I just don’t want it in my life, period. Someone else’s opinion is not necessarily the truth.

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