The little I saw

of King Chuck’s coronation on the weekend reminded me why I left the Commonwealth. The British Monarchy was the number one reason why I didn’t want to live there any more. The idea of being someone’s ‘subject’ never sat well with me. The only way anyone with any self respect can live in a monarchy is if they, themselves become the monarch. I wasn’t prepared to go that far, so I opted out of the whole thing entirely. Here in my new kingdom in the north east, I have been busy all weekend doing the spring stuff that one does. Getting out the truck from the barn, firing up the tractor and tiller. I want to plant some potatoes in the lower field, so have to dig up the ground to make it happen.

The soil is pretty much good to go. I even found a couple of spuds from last year that had survived the winter and were starting to bud. That means it’s probably planting time. How it will go, I have no idea. Last year I got a few small ones, which was better than the year before, when some kind of rodents ate everything. The stupid fucking ground hogs have dug another hole under the house. Even though I placed a great boulder over last year’s entrance the fuckers have come back and opened up a new one. The bastards, I’m sure have caused the floor in the middle room to subside over time. They are destructive cunts. I have no love for them at all.

I also cut down about four trees yesterday. It’s great to be able to do what you like on your own property. In some places (Australia) you have to ask some asshole from the local council for permission to cut down a tree. Then they won’t let you, which is why when there are bush fires everything goes up like an explosion at a Chinese firecracker warehouse, and people get burned to death. Trees are more important than people. Same thing happens in California. They don’t clear the vegetation. The Aborigines figured out that the bush needs regular maintenance in that way, but somehow that wisdom got overruled by greenies and their bullshit.

Nymphs and their love of….

I don’t want to start the week all grumpy though. The world is messed up enough without me adding to the misery. The sun is shining, things are going to get better. Spring shows us nature’s promise of renewal being fulfilled. Unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere where winter is about to start . You can look forward to nights by the fire or something. I look forward to whatever comes along. There’s nothing worse that being stuck in or on something. A way of thinking, a pattern of behavior or a general malaise due to everything always being the same and no will to change it.. This is turning into some kind of philosophical lecture, which I don’t want it to be. To put it more succinctly we probably all need to “burn the bush” from time to time, to allow for new things to start to manifest. We can’t move forward with junk from the past dragging behind us like a giant boat anchor. Cut that fucker loose.

Happy Monday.