The month is nearly

over. The year is nearly over. It’s “Cyber Monday’”, whatever that means. It’s been Black Friday all month, so Cyber Monday means fuck all at this point. There’s nothing I want to buy anyway. I’ve built my new desktop, and all I have to do now is beat it into submission. Like modern cars, modern PCs are becoming more complicated. I won’t bore you with the details, but deploying an operating system is now not as straight forward as it used to be. Windows 10 comes with an Alien face hugger which hampers you at every turn. I installed it and it doesn’t work with my old recording hardware, so now to get rid of it, I have to almost dismantle the motherboard. It’s boring shit I know.

The Windows 10 experience

Two days ago film maker Oliver Stone was on a Bill Maher podcast and questioned the validity of the 2020 election. It appears that Stone has doubts that Joe Biden actually won it fair and square. It’s news when someone like Oliver Stone starts to disagree with the narrative. Maybe he’ll make a film about it? I’m surprised nobody else has had the same thoughts along these lines, but then again, I’m not. While I was looking at that I saw a story about Ozzie Osborne needing surgery to have a tumor removed from his back. Ozzie says “it’s pretty rough, man, and my balance is all fucked up” He doesn’t want to perform on stage in a wheelchair “like Phil Collins”, though. Phil is in a bigger mess than Ozzie, having ruined his back through years of playing drums. He dislocated a vertebrae in 2007 playing on a Genesis tour, and hasn’t been the same way since. Phil has stopped playing drums altogether now, because he can’t even hold the sticks any more. On top of that he has diabetes, poor bugger. Last March he played what may have been his last show with what would also be Genesis’ last show.

The 80’s were an embarrassment in many ways

The curtain is coming down for some of these Rock stalwarts, but there’s plenty of them left. Paul McCartney can still do a headstand at 80, and Mick Jagger and the Stones seem to be not ready to quit yet. What else are they gonna do? It’s a life sentence. Phil Collins has five kids and three ex wives, so he’s been quite busy aside from the Rock and Roll. Back in the Ozzy camp there’s been a bit of a rift between Ozzy and Black Sabbath’s bass player Geezer Butler. In a Rolling Stone interview Ozzie spews that Geezer “hasn’t given me one fucking phone call. Not one fucking call.” Geezer’s posted on social media to the effect that he had reached out to Ozzy, but the first message went astray and the second was unanswered.

That’s the way it is with bands sometimes. And families and friends. People become disconnected, and you wonder why you even became connected in the first place. There’s a disagreement, a misunderstanding or the things that held you together aren’t there any more. Fame is fleeting and people are fickle. Which brings us to Taylor Swift….