The Sun is out

but for how long, who knows? Yesterday it rained all day, and it’s supposed to rain all week until Thursday when it will be 90 deg F, and hot enough to go for a swim. I took a dip in the water on Saturday but it was cold. All the rain has kept the pond from heating up as it normally does, but it’s bearable, and it’s good for you. It’s like a sauna in reverse. That’s your weather update. I watched 70’s Bev this morning. To be truthful, it’s the only thing on at that hour. It’s Bev or the BBC. Both of them are stultifyingly stupid, but it’s entertainment, and US commercial TV is simply unwatchable, so there’s that to consider. For those of you who are wondering who 70’s Bev is, she’s the host of “Your World”, a late night “news” program that focuses on world news. The opening sequence shows us scenes of different people in different countries. Apparently there are no white people in “Our World” at all. I always find that amusing. I’m sure there just wasn’t enough room to squeeze any in.

Bev struggles to stay awake along while this guy rambles on and on….

Anyhoo, Bev’s show is pretty boring most of the time. She has some kind of quirk with the way she pronounces her sibilants. I don’t know what the deal is. One of her cheeks is has a pronounced pucker, so maybe that’s what’s doing it. Why it’s like that, I have no idea. The other morning Bev was talking to someone about politics somewhere, and she looked like she was nodding off. I took a (picrel) but the stupid smart phone failed to capture the many moments when her eyelids were shuttering down. Bev has a brief to let people talk and talk and talk. If it wasn’t 8 in the morning it would be wonderfully sleep inducing. Perhaps that’s why it’s on late at night down there. It’s to lull the Aussies into a stupor so they’ll forget how the government is trying to destroy everything they hold dear.

As is the standard practice now, there is always an obligatory story about “climate change”, or to give it it’s proper terminology, the “climate crisis”. Everything’s a “crisis” now. There’s the cost of living crisis, the energy crisis, the environmental crisis, this crisis, that crisis, and of course the climate crisis. The real crisis is the mass mental illness that is infecting the world. All these manufactured “crises”, are causing people to lose what’s left of their minds. There aren’t any real crises at all. All of these things are manufactured. The “climate crisis” is a hoax and scam perpetrated by the United Nations to guilt trip wealthy western nations into handing over huge sums of cash while crippling their domestic productivity and decimating their quality of life. This is based on the criminally false assertion that a trace gas called C02, the majority of which is made by nature, is having a negative impact on the global climate. It’s a monstrous lie, which western legacy media repeats day in and day out with impunity.

Along with every other narrative that is based on a falsehood, this results in the average person literally being unable to think clearly about anything. The functionally mentally ill politicians, media, academia and public figures involved in this grotesque circus, either don’t know or don’t care, and if they do know, they are master criminals who should be in prison, in my opinion. Today’s Bev was no exception. The story was about international shipping, and how “emissions” from ships were harming the impoverished countries that they were most likely the life blood for. It was pure nonsense, but here we had a weedy, miserable looking “academic” from some worthless cultural marxist university to tell us how bad every body in the west was. When I see this stuff now, I feel like I’m in a mental institution where people are walking around declaring themselves to be Napoleon, Jesus Christ or Joan of Ark. They’re just nuts. They profess to believe in something that doesn’t exist, and they want us to go along with it. This wouldn’t be so much of a problem if it didn’t have such a devastating effect on people’s lives.

By demonizing the energy sources that built modern civilization, and forcing people to embrace so-called very expensive, impractical, and downright dangerous “renewables”, they’re killing life itself. It’s crazy talk. All of these things are just completely insane ideas that belong in a mental institution. There are no “crises”. From the fake pandemic to the fake global warming, the fake energy and cost of living crisis, and everything else. It’s all manufactured to create an ongoing environment of fear, suffering, and largely it’s really about control. The United Nations is quietly setting itself up as the de facto world government, and your government is allowing them to do that by submitting to whatever orders they send down. It started with “global warming”, got even more draconian with “covid”, and now we have the UN yesterday weighing in on the French riots, declaring that the police are “racist”. Since when do any of these monkeys in the UN get to tell other countries how they should run their law enforcement? The UN of course aided, abetted, promoted and forced upon Europe, the very same individuals who are responsible for the public unrest in France. Think about that when your next electricity bill comes in and it’s gone through the roof. The way the UN behaves in this day and age, any sane person wouldn’t be far wrong to think it’s actually the Anti Christ.

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