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section here any more, but there must be some pages that while offline, still manage to get comments somehow. They’re 100% Russian spambots. I know because they’re all in Russian advertising Viagra and other shit that I don’t want or need. Years ago in SF, my dermatologist gave me a Viagra sample pack, and said I should try it. It remains unopened to this day. I don’t think anyone, unless they are suffering from ED, needs dick pills. What is ED anyway? If you’re with someone attractive who you really want to fuck, and who really wants to fuck you, you shouldn’t have any problems unless either of you have had too much to smoke or drink. That’s never happened to me so far, although I almost have never had too much to drink. I almost don’t have anything to drink at the moment, as I prefer other ways to relax that don’t cost me anything.

Imagine how much of these medications are floating around in the water supply now. It’s a horrible thought. Viagra and the other assorted ED pills are one thing, but millions of people are taking anti depressants and god knows what daily, so that’s what’s in the drinking water as well. Do water filters get rid of it I wonder? According to “Bing” the answer is yes. “The following methods can be used to remove pharmaceuticals from water: reverse osmosis, water distillation, nanofiltration, and activated carbon filters.” I think I have got those, so maybe it’s ok.

Other ways of relaxing. Just do it.

I have to talk about something, so I’m talking about this today. The topic is exhausted though. I keep reading about how Zoomers don’t have sex. I’m not sure if this is self imposed or if it’s bullshit. Most relationships are made online now, and I think there is a pecking order where the most attractive people are the most in demand. This has always been the case, but in 2024 there are many more potential partners to choose from. It’s also easier to brush someone off. Just a swipe on an app and they’re gone. Meeting someone at a bar or at work or somewhere where you have to talk to one another to find out more information is vastly more helpful in my opinion. You can at least smell them. That’s a feature that Tinder lacks (for now). It would be nice to go back to the 80’s for a week and meet strange women at a bar, but without a time machine, it’s gonna be hard. When you play in a band, you’re always meeting people, and a lot of girls. I still play in a band, but I’m not meeting anyone because I never venture out in public. I’m unsure how I would deal with any of it anyway.

Ah, I don’t want to think about any of this. I’m still editing my music project, but I hope it will be finished by the weekend. Just to wrap this up, Mark Zuckerberg has just announced that he intends “create some of the highest quality beef in the world.” on his mega ranch in Hawaii (with the underground bunker). It’s odd because I thought Facebook was all in on the Global Warming, meat is bad, eat the bugs philosophy. It turns out that he’s just an ordinary cattle rancher who wants to feed the world quality meats. Does this have to do with the release of the documents last week which detailed Facebook’s contribution * to the 2020 election by funding drop boxes in various states which curiously seem to be part of the source of the last minute absentee ballots that gave Joe Biden an historic landslide win? What does Bill Gates think about this I wonder? Billy wants you to eat the fake meat. I can see some rivalry developing here. Does Zuckerberg not believe in global warming any more? I can’t keep up.

*The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is the grantmaking brand of Facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan. Though the Initiative has broadly nonpartisan goals, it donates to many left-of-center foundations and a substantial fund to Zuckerberg’s pro-Democrat PAC, Oh, it turns out they saved the election, my bad