There’s a lot

happening this morning and I’m almost past second breakfast time. It’s Tuesday. I hope I don’t faint from lack of nourishment before I get through this. I was just reading that 70’s shock jock Howard Stern thinks that unfunny Jewish comedian Jon Stewart should run for president. Stern thinks that Stewart has “Walter Cronkite trustworthiness”. That’s a joke in and of itself since Walter Cronkite mostly parroted what his masters at CBS told him to. If Cronkite was reading the news today it would still be fake news like it was back then. Howard Stern ceased to be funny (if you can call obsession with jokes about anal sex funny) a long time ago, so nobody really cares what he thinks anyway. The times they are a changing’, but Howard seems stuck somewhere, yelling at anti vaxxers and everyone who doesn’t agree with his twisted delusional point of view. This story was from Fox News and the comments were not flattering. Here’s an example, “Getting a nomination from Howard Stern is like getting one from Homer Simpson or Alfred E. Newman. Does Stern want him to run on his “Know Nothing” ticket?”

Yesterday everyone was agog and aghast at the prospect of Trump being arrested. The police even started putting up barricades in the city in case there was ‘violence”. Nothing happened so I guess the Soros crew had to tell Antifa to stand down for the moment. We all know that if there is any violence it will be coming from them, disguised as Trump supporters. To switch to another topic, I was trying to clear a code from one of my vehicles this morning. That was fairly easy. It was saying “service engine soon”. Since there was nothing untoward on the code reader I figured it was just the mother ship calling the car back for some regular maintenance. I’ve been to the BMW dealer for that before. It’s very expensive, but you get to drink their fine coffee and lounge in quality furniture for the five hours that it might take to get the work done. I’m not kidding, I took my car there for some routine procedure once, and I was there for almost five hours. Never again.

I hate BMW dealerships actually. They’re so bad they’ve put me off owning another Beemer ever again. I hate most cars, in fact. At the moment my other vehicle is a retired police cruiser. It’s the fastest cop car ever made so they say. I like it because people generally don’t fuck with me on the road. I’m following in the footsteps of the Blues Brothers who, as we all know, had a mission to fulfill and they did it in a second hand cop car. Mine doesn’t have any markings. They take them off. It did however, come with about 400 lbs in weight of cop stuff inside. It resembled a mobile jail cell, with bars on the windows, a shot gun rack and a pistol compartment cleverly hidden in the passenger seat headrest. There was a lot of other hardware too. A very heavy roll bar inside and numerous dividers, false door panels and tons of excess wiring. To this day, I haven’t figured out how to replace the rear door latches that have no way of unlocking from the inside. I’m not sure what my mission is either, but it doesn’t matter, I’m a musician with a band just like they were, even though it was all a completely fictitious movie.

I’ve run off on a verbal police car chase here I see. It’s ok. It’s probably more interesting than talking about the crazy stuff in the fake news for a change. I’m sure there will be an endless supply of that garbage.

This was recorded a couple of weekends ago. I forgot the words, but remembered them half way through. Nobody cares..