This morning I’m

making marmalade. It’s very easy. Oranges and lemons, water and sugar. Boil and it’s done. I found a recipe book that came with a bread machine that I bought at the church fair for $6. The bread machine has paid for itself many times over. I used to pay up to $6 for marmalade at the supermarket, but now I make my own and it’s better. Self sufficiency is something that that should teach children in schools. I have no idea what they teach kids any more. Bullshit, propaganda and lies, no doubt. That was my experience decades ago, I think it has gotten worse. How about a mandatory class about how to manage money, or buy a house? Things like that. I distinctly remember one of my teachers telling the class that when you look for a job in the classified section of the newspaper, you should focus on the tiny ads. The other jobs in the big ads were for somebody else presumably, not you idiots sitting here before me. Aim low kids, that’s the way to succeed.

Goo Goo and Ga Ga. How will the hair bleaching industry cope if they leave?

Pathetic. Teachers shouldn’t be teaching. It should be a well paying job, not a babysitters gig. I don’t care. The world’s gone to hell anyway. I just write songs, and make videos that a small number of people enjoy. It’s probably enough already. The breaking news on X right now is that Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga say they will leave the United States if Donald Trump becomes President in 2024. We’ve heard that before. It won’t happen (them leaving). I simply don’t get the anti-Trump stuff. The Biden regime is dreadful by any measure for the average person, but then Goo Goo and Mirey Silence don’t live in the real world do they? Under Biden it’s the best time ever! Alternate universe residents clearly. The hatred for Trump is bizarre, but there it is. You can’t argue with demoralized people etc etc.

Check out the latest autistic screeching from the media about “Trump the Dictator” COMEDY GOLD!

In ancient times, the marmalade was you.

The aroma of my marmalade is wafting up the stairs. It smells great. You’ve got to boil it almost to the point of it catching on the bottom of the pan. Then it gets that dark color. I discovered this by accident about the third time I made it. This is $12 marmalade. It’s a premium product, I tell ya. This whole journal is just babble today, but it’s something to read. The sun is out, and I might go for a walk. The humidity in here is 10%, so now we have entered the electro shock period of the year, when just touching a light switch, or anything metal, gives you a painful jolt. I fucking hate it. That, and the nosebleeds. I’m gonna have to drag out the old humidifier now. I wish I could think of something interesting to talk about today. maybe Friday will offer up some pearls of wisdom?

If this comes at you, you should legally be allowed to shoot it.

Last night as I was taking the trash bin out to the curb, I was assailed by someone’s aggressive doberman which had gotten loose. This mongrel was outside my house barking at me, and threatening to attack. I yelled at the fucking thing like the most vicious dog it had ever heard, and it backed off. Do dogs understand the phrase “get out of here you fucking cunt”? That’s what I said to it. The whole neighborhood must have thought there was a murder going on. The shitbag dog came at me again, so I retreated inside the house. If there is a next time (and I hope not), it will get a lead pipe upside the fucking head. It ran up the hill to terrorize someone else. Fuck these people.

I don’t care what anyone says, this is COMEDY GOLD!