This morning it’s all overcast.

It’s supposed to be a hot day again. The constant rain is very boring though. Last night I watched a documentary about the the BEE GEES. It’s pretty good, although Andy was noticeably absent from the story. It’s almost as if he hadn’t existed at all. To be fair, he wasn’t part of the group, but he only got a passing mention in that he had achieved hits with songs rejected by his brothers as being unworthy for release. Andy moved to LA in 1977, married “Dallas” actress Victoria Principal and become ensconced in the drug scene, although not necessarily in that order. 11 years later he was dead from myocarditis, most likely caused by the preceding years of cocaine use and drinking. Somebody should make a doco on Andy. I would watch it. According to what I saw, Barry and Robin were always battling it out to be the lead singer of the group. This seemed to get resolved during the Saturday Night Fever era when Barry’s high pitched falsetto was featured on all their subsequent hit songs.

Robin actually looks healthy in this pic.

Throughout this tale, Robin always looked like he was on the brink of anorexia, as did his twin Maurice. Compared to their elder brother Barry, they looked weak and sickly a lot of the time. At one point Barry says, “We weren’t big on drugs. Maybe a bit of drinking and some grass. Our main preoccupation was with amphetamines.” That’ll keep you skinny for sure. The Bee Gees story is quite tragic when you think about it. Only one of them has survived to this day, but their music, as they say “is immortal”. (until time erases it for subsequent generations) I’m leaving that topic now, but check out the Bee Gees documentary if you see it. I think it’s called “The Joy of the Bee Gees.” There is another one that HBO made in 2020.

Nothing on earth is immortal, (maybe stupidity?) of that you can be sure. We’re all just part of a giant ball of gas in various shapes and formations. I don’t know how “scientists” can tell us that the universe was formed by a “big bang”. Where did the big bang come from in the first place? That always sounded like horse shit to me, and now it’s been pretty much disproven. Nobody really knows, because our primitive consciousness literally can’t wrap our heads around it. I don’t think it’s the brain’s fault. I think it’s the lack of an ability to access the depths of knowledge that the brain is capable of. We lack the mental framework to describe what it is we’re trying to observe. Language is (are?) the building blocks of thought. You can think things that are abstract, but unless you can put any of it into words, nobody will know what it is you’re thinking.

Coronal mass erections

This is making me tired just attempting to think about it. That, and the humidity. Is there weather in space? This is what NOAA* says,  “Space weather can occur anywhere from the surface of the sun to the surface of Earth. As a space weather storm leaves the sun, it passes through the corona and into the solar wind. When it reaches Earth, it energizes Earth’s magnetosphere and accelerates electrons and protons down to Earth’s magnetic field lines where they collide with the atmosphere and ionosphere, particularly at high latitudes.”

There is a section on NOAA’s website on current space weather, but it doesn’t give you any forecasts. There isn’t a big space weather map to speak of. Buried on one of the pages there is a section on “space weather impacts on climate.” Right at the bottom it says, (I have emphasized the important part on bold) “The duration of solar minimum may also have an impact on Earth’s climate. During solar minimum there is a maximum in the amount of Cosmic rays, high energy particles whose source is outside our Solar system, reaching earth. There is a theory that cosmic rays can create nucleation sites in the atmosphere which seed cloud formation and create cloudier conditions. If this were true, then there would be a significant impact on climate, which would be modulated by the 11-year solar cycle.

We are currently in a Solar Minimum”, part of an 11 year cycle when the sun’s activity is lessened. It started around 2020. That might explain why it’s raining all the bloody time. I think I said this yesterday. I’m repeating myself.