This weekend is

going to be news free for me. Yesterday I decided that I’ve had enough of the bullshit and nonsense that I continually see on TV and online. It’s relentless. The latest Trump RICO indictment, along with the “co-conspirators” in Georgia is disturbing, to say the least. It’s not good news for anyone. I have no desire to see a Trump mug shot any time soon. The images of Rudy Guiliani and those so far accused in this Stalinist show trial should be enough to convince anyone that the country we thought we lived in, is an almost distant memory now. This mess didn’t happen overnight though. It really began back on Sept 11 2001, when the World Trade Center was attacked and demolished. Americans haven’t really gotten over it, because things have gone from bad to worse since. There was the stupid war in Iraq for a start. Who actually was responsible for 9-11? I don’t think it was Iraq, so why did we suddenly decide that they were the enemy? The terrorists were Arab nationals I believe.

But what if I’m not interested? …You will be

After that we went from Osama to Obama in the blink of an eye. Obama was arguably worse. Obamacare was a disaster. All the food prices went up overnight. Everything became more expensive. Obamacare was an excuse for price increases that had nothing to do with Obamacare itself. I’m speaking from experience because I saw it happen in real time. Obama stirred up racial antipathy, and fostered discord where it previously hadn’t existed. His cultural Marxist philosophy invented problems that didn’t exist. His modus operandi was to divide and conquer. It has played out well. The reason we see every week now, organized gangs on a looting spree in places like San Francisco and elsewhere, is in my opinion, because Obama told these people in a roundabout way that they were being oppressed via “systematic racism”, and they should fight back against it. Everything became white people’s fault. It was “White Privilege”. Somehow that you were born white gave you power over others in the community. Tell that to the poor people in Appalachia who struggle to survive while their communities are ravaged by drugs and the complete destruction of the industries that fed and clothed them, via globalism.

Most of the looters and rioters are already on welfare, but that’s not enough apparently. After eight years of Obama, people decided they’d had enough and there was to be a new face running the country. The media said it’s gonna be Hillary vs Jeb! In other words, the same Uniparty candidates who would ensure that everything stayed almost the same. It would be a virtual changing of the guard. This time though, it was going to be Hillary. It was a slam dunk. She deserved it, she was a woman after all. The sad thing is that Progressives truly believe that your abilities or suitability to do a particular job are based on skin color and/or gender. The only thing holding you back is that you might be a white male. Jeb was in that category, but he was another John McCain. He may as well have been Hillary’s running mate, he was so woosy. Along comes Trump, the antithesis of the left’s idea of who should be president.

The 2020 election.. a lot of things didn’t add up that day and the next…

We all know what happened next, and the left decided that it was not to happen again. The people had gained control of their engine of self enrichment which they were running at the expense of the people they were elected to represent. Trump wasn’t perfect, but he actually believed he had been elected to serve the people who put their trust in him. The Uniparty did not approve. The left became unhinged. The first four years of Trump’s presidency were plagued the left’s continual attempts to discredit, impeach and destroy everything he was attempting to do. The wall was racist, Trump was a misogynist (that was an early one) The Hillary invented Russia collusion hoax. It never ended. With the 2020 election looming, the left started to become more desperate. They simply can’t have Trump dismantling their “industry” any longer. These same people who happily destroyed people’s livelihoods via mass immigration, corporate welfare and the globalist outsourcing of industry in their greed to increase profit, are now terrified that the gravy train is coming to an end.

“Covid” is eveywhere. Are you trying to kill people?….you are a bad person now.

Whether by accident or design, suddenly there is a world wide “pandemic” so deadly that people are forcibly required to stay at home, wear masks and accept untested experimental gene therapy in order to not die from what is essentially the flu, with a 99.9% survival rate. This comes in really handy when the election rolls around because now people have to mail in their ballots, which they do in the millions, and millions. Why, even Trump is the author of “Operation Warp Speed” which ensured that these life saving “vaccines” would be in place in time to save grandma from something that routinely kills many people every year. (the flu) This time it was different though. Dr Fauci and the experts told us. Trust the science etc etc. It was wall to wall propaganda 24/7.

There’s more to this story, but it’s enough for a Friday. Maybe I’ll return to it next week, but this is how we got to where we are today. The world has changed radically since 2001. If you’d told people back then that all the things that have happened since then and are happening now, they’d look at you like you were mad. A lot of people are still programmed and brainwashed. There are people I’ve known for years who have no idea how programmed they are. It’s like talking to a brick wall. They don’t even want to hear an alternative opinion. It’s like trying to save a drowning person who has a knife in one hand, and and they’re trying to stab you with it. This is why I’m having a rest from the “news” for a few days. It’s not even funny anymore.

Happy Friday