Today is Wednesday,

and I’m watching something called RTS 1 on my satellite system, which is tuned to Galaxy 19 West. How many people can say that? How many people want to say that? Probably not many. It’s coming from Africa somewhere. The dude reading the news has a colorful top. No suits and ties here, but he’s a dour fellow. News is a serious business. I can’t understand most of what they’re saying because it’s in French. It’s coming from Senegal according to what I’ve just read online. I watched a bit of the BBC this morning. Utter rubbish. This is better. Today I’ll probably drive back to NY and listen to the second part of the Beatles musical career. It’s a long way and they have a lot of songs. It should be entertaining.

Dour, yet colorful

There’s nothing going on. The council built a sediment pond on the side of the road two years ago to catch the overflow of water that was hurtling down the hill and eroding everything in its path. Stupid frogs lay their eggs in there when it’s full in the spring, and now it’s drying up, so the tadpoles are all running out of water to swim in. The humanity. Something is digging holes in the lawn. Ticks and mosquitoes are everywhere, but apart from that, it’s cool man. The wind is picking up outside, but the smoke haze which was all over here yesterday seems to have gone. It quite reminded me of the Australian bush fire season, when at times you would see the same yellowish cast over everything, caused by the smoke filtering the sun’s rays in a particular way. It was as creepy yesterday as it always was. Something I’d forgotten about and never expected to see here.

Iran TV on satellite shows off their new rocket. Actual footage of it traveling through space .

I am fairly certain these fires didn’t spontaneously start on their own. Like the California fires last year, and the Australian fires a few years ago, the European fires last year etc etc, these fires are probably being lit by the insane global warming religious nuts. Fires just don’t start all over the place all at once. The problem with this ‘religion’ of climate change is that that is precisely what it is, a religion. The zealots who adhere to this craziness do everything based on feelings. If they ‘feel’ precious mother earth is being harmed by evil humanity, they are going to do something about it, even if it’s destructive in nature. It’s to SAVE THE PLANET, nothing else is more important. We have to kill things to save them, you see. You only have to look at something like “Extinction Rebellion” to realize that this ideology and it’s acolytes are seriously unhinged.

“System change”…oh, I see what you mean. (That wouldn’t be communism would it?)

This is domestic terrorism in it’s purest form. Everything now is an existential crisis which needs action yesterday. That’s why we need extreme measures. We have to burn down the forest to get our message across that climate change is causing massive wildfires. Notice how the media never tells anyone how the fires started, yet in Australia they arrested many people who had actually lit them. There is never any follow up. They probably handed them a box of matches on their way out of jail. I just c/p this from the *Far Left Extremist newspaper, the Washington Post (Democracy Dies in Darkness…what a joke) “As of early Wednesday, Canadian officials reported more than 400 active fires, with more than 240 listed as “out of control.” That’s all you get. No hint of how they started, no investigation, just screeching about air quality, related trivia and nonsense.

Here’s a heads up for the “journalists” at Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post, “Democracy” is like a tadpole in the sediment pond today, and you’re it.

*given that the Legacy Media are fond of labeling anyone who doesn’t agree with them as “Far Right”, my policy here is to hand some of that back in kind.