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look at that wonderful organization, the United Nations International Panel on Climate Change. This auspicious org had it’s origins in 1986. Three agencies, the International Council of Scientific Unions, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), and the World Meteorological Organization, set up the Advisory Group on Greenhouse Gases in 1986. This later became the IPCC when the Reagan administration were worried that independent scientists would have too much influence. In 1988 a General Assembly resolution noted that human activity could change the climate. (do tell?) So the UN, with a general vote in 1988, decided that there was human caused global warming and that they simply had to address this (non-existent ) “problem”. That’s how great bureaucracies are made.

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It needs to be noted that The IPCC does not conduct original research. It produces “comprehensive assessments on the state of knowledge of climate change”. They just take a vote and they then decide that there is Anthropogenic Climate Change. Somehow between then and now, every western government decided that whatever these unrepresentative drones at the UN decided is a rule of law that must be obeyed. The IPCC regularly put out alarmist bulletins to effect that the world is going to end soon if everyone doesn’t stop eating meat, driving cars, using coal, oil and gas, and having children.

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This is insane in any universe, but here we are today with young people terrified that the world is going to end, based on cooked up alarmist press releases from bureaucracy that itself was cooked up to satisfy a bunch of unrepresentative grifters and their lust for power, money and a steady job. The list of alarmist predictions coming from this idiot agency is long and comprehensive. None of the predictions of the past 20 have actually come true, but that doesn’t stop them from making new ones. The latest one, a week or so ago, talked about “global boiling”. This was based on a report from southern Florida that the ocean temperature had reached 90 deg F. Of course the measurements were taken in 6″ of water near the shore, but we only find this stuff out after the dishonorable message had been sent out and done the psychological damage to the population that it was intended to do.

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The new head of the IPCC is a man called James Skea. It’s interesting to look at his qualifications for this important job. He was employed at the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex as a Research Fellow (1983–1989), Senior Research Fellow (1989–1993) and a Professorial Fellow (1994–1998). The Science Policy Research Unit “is a research centre based at University of Sussex in Falmer, near Brighton, UK. It focuses on long term transformative change, science policy and innovation across different sectors, societies and structures.” What is “long term transformative change” exactly? IT SOUNDS LIKE FUCKING COMMUNISM TO ME. Skea was Director of the Policy Studies Institute from 1998 to 2004, and has held an appointment as Professor of Sustainable Energy at Imperial College London’s Centre for Environmental Policy since 2009.

Jimmy Skea, head of the IPCC. The last IPCC head was a sex pest *, so he resigned.

In other words this dude has been involved for most of his working career in the globalist agenda to “fundamentally transform” the world as we know it. Sounds about right. Like politics, it’s a business. There’s money to be made, dinners to go to, events to host and sovereign nations to subjugate. It’s just another day at the office for these creeps. Meanwhile, grown child/adults can’t sleep at night because these assholes are terrorizing them with an end of the world scenario, based on something that didn’t even exist in the first fucking place.

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