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is yesterday’s musings. It’s March 1. Somehow I’m writing tomorrow’s message the day before, but nobody really cares. I’ve been dealing with bureaucrats, public servants, morons of the lowest order this week. Specifically Australia’s version of the DMV. The clowns who hand out driver’s licenses to people so they they can be randomly stopped going about their daily business, in order to undergo a medical check to prove that they aren’t drunk at 7 o’ clock in the morning. The morons who tolerate this think it’s perfectly fine. They have no idea how egregious it really is. So I need renew my driver’s license, but although I have an online account for that, it won’t let me do it online probably because it’s a Heavy Commercial Vehicle license, which I’ve had for at least 30 years or more. I had fantasies of being a truck driver a long time ago, but I destroyed so many shop awnings and side mirrors that I was a hazard to everyone. By the grace of God someone stopped me one day, from going down a road where there was a low bridge that I would have had no chance passing under, so I figured that was a sign it was time to quit the trucking business.

many such cases

I kept the license however, but the last time I went to renew it I specifically asked for a regular standard license which I expected to get back. The stupid, useless, lazy cunts they are, ignored that request, and I’m still stuck with this fucking truck license which I don’t want any more. It can’t be renewed as easily the standard one, and after a while they start demanding health tests and all kinds of bullshit to ensure that you haven’t got any medical condition that might result in 16 tons of Detroit steel crashing into someone’s faggot Tesla. I was hoping to ward that off, that’s why I asked for a normal license. I don’t have any medical condition to prevent me from having this license, but I’m not interested in driving a big rig any time soon or ever, so what’s the point?

Since the cunt at the license place didn’t do what I asked him to when I was there, the only way I can change it apparently, is to go back down under in person. That’s two grand and two weeks out of my non-refundable life. Of course dealing with the idiots online via email is misery personified, so in the end it looks like I’ll have to fill out an id kit and then schlep into NYC and get the Aussie High Commissioner to verify that it’s actually me, and not some cunt trying to drive a car with an Aussie license illegally in Mexico or something. The kit lists the do’s and don’ts of an acceptable id picture. No smiling.. of course! We can’t have people happy. They always manage to make everyone look like a completely miserable cunt by the time they’re through with you. It’s demoralization via government mandate. Here’s the thing. (who am I, dementia Joe now?) If I’ve got a passport which I have, I should be able to renew a driver’s license online. In a sane world this would be easy, but we live in a dystopian hellscape full of STUPID UNHELPFUL CUNTS!

Dresden – Allied bombing raids killed 25,000 civilians in an horrific firestorm.

The pubic service is their sacred ground. That’s their country. Look at any place where government drones work. It’s a low iq, low effort, slackers paradise. I curse them all. I have no idea what’s happening in the news down there. I gave up watching it because the stream was so shitty that you’d see someone talking, and 10 seconds later you’d hear the audio. (as of this morning it was working properly again) Did all the taxpayer money go to helping the brave Ukrainians fight off Putin? The filth. This Ukraine thing isn’t working out the way they planned really. Most people, other than brain-dead vaxxecuted sheep, don’t seem that enthused by getting involved in some manufactured conflict on the far side of the planet that doesn’t concern them, let alone throwing money at it for ever. This is not the glorious World War Two where white men were brainwashed into going to Europe to murder other white men in a wholesale manner just to satiate the lust for money and power of a few people. The bombing of Dresden was a monstrous war crime, but did anyone go to jail for it? The same shit is happening today. Stolen elections can have deadly consequences a long way from their origin. It’s Wednesday now. It’s a nice day so far.