Torrenting the past

It’s Friday and it’s been a busy week. I drove 400 miles. Reconfigured my recording equipment and also my video editing set up. I’m all set to spew forth unlimited quality audio visual content above and beyond what has already been made. But I feel the need to go somewhere new and experience something new. I was thinking of going to Iceland a few weeks ago but when I found out that the sun doesn’t come up until 10 am at this time of the year, it didn’t seem that appealing. Besides, every single place on earth now has been visited by some joker with a selfie camera, so what’s the point? There’s nothing new to discover, some cunt has already been there and posted it up on Youtube. So boring.

The internet has ruined any chance of discovering anything new. I can see why Zuckerberg sees a future in his Metaverse. You could create entirely new worlds to experience. The only problem with that is you can’t actually go there in the flesh. It’s just a pair of VR glasses or nothing. I’m not doin’ that. Chips that are implanted into the brain, that’s the future. Who will sign up for it? Probably everyone who thought the ‘covid’ virus was safe and effective, that’s who. If they haven’t all clotted out yet, there will be thousands, maybe millions who’ll gladly get the chip. Think of it. You won’t have to be bothered with the filthy, dirty, annoying, messy world anymore. No neighbors to cause you grief. No unpleasant chores, no toxic relationships. No reality. You will probably be able to choose your perfect partner, or even have a harem of willing concubines of any sex imaginable.

I actually think there is potential for this if we can figure out the bugs, and there will probably be many. Imagine if you will, you get stuck in this virtual world, unable to come out? Man made horrors beyond comprehension, right? I would like to travel back in time and see all the stuff that has happened, and relive some of it. Not as an observer, but maybe just in that consciousness. I don’t know. I’m sure this will be possible one day. I had a dream a while ago where sometime in the future, people were hacking into other people’s memories that were in some database in space somewhere. They were downloading them and tormenting the people who owned them. It was weird. It’ll probably happen. Happy dystopian Friday.