ut’s seed

Thursday Jan 19. Yesterday the pychopathic Jacinda Adern quit her job as Prime Minister of New Zealand. It seemed rather abrupt, and something else is at play here I think. She doesn’t seem like the type to give up easily. She, of course, is a protege of Klaus Schwab’s WEF, and it’s odd that she quit in the middle of that festival of madness. Who knows? Most New Zealanders are probably glad to be rid of her. Also, over at the WEF, we saw Al Gore getting hysterical over something that doesn’t exist. Twiggy Forester was sitting next to him on the stage. Like minded grifters travel in groups doncha know.

I cribbed this from 4chan. It’s a very accurate representation of what she sounds like. “It” is pronounced “Ut” though.

In my world today, I should be getting a new motherboard. Actually it’s a used motherboard, but an upgrade from the one I’m using, which doesn’t work so good now. I’m not entirely sure if that’s the problem, but at least I can fix it if it is broken, without sending for the Geek Squad, who probably know less than me about computers. I like fixing things and in this burgeoning Idiocracy, it’s a good skill to have. I was reading yesterday about Google’s new adventures in internet censorship and totalitarianism. Google has developed two offshoot companies that will help regulate the flow of mis and dis information on the internet. For example, if you type something into a search engine which may lead you to ‘badthink’, (replacement of white people with immigrants?) a handy popup will appear on your screen advising you that you shouldn’t be going there, and will offer the ‘correct’ solution for you. What that is, we don’t know yet. It will probably send you to a re-education website, and why wouldn’t it? These thoughts you are having are wrong, therefore you are a bad person.

This has nothing to do with her quitting politics….nooo.

The other branch of this monstrosity aims to correct wrong thoughts before they even get into the public domain. You might be typing a blog ( like me) and decide that you want to address some insane religious concept like man made climate change. You don’t believe it’s real (like me) and you’d like to offer your opinions why. This is where the Google AI engine swings into action. A handy pop up will appear on your page advising you that this is the incorrect point of view, and you probably should change it. Who knows, it might even be hate speech and hurt people. You wouldn’t want that, now would you? If you think I’m exaggerating I’ll post a link to a video below where this is explained in detail. (He does an ad for a gold coin in the middle of it, but just scroll through. Hey, a guy has to make a living)

Saint Greta is traveling on a holy pilgrimage to Davos this week, which should be fun. The whole thing is a circus, although she isn’t even entertaining enough to be a clown. Greta’s probably just going to be allowed to shovel up the sawdust and the elephant and horse dung that’s left at the end. Happy Thursday.