Vile homophobic

Tweets and disgusting human beings. That’s what was served up on the ABC news this morning. If someone calls you “a disgusting human being”, and then you respond by pointing out the reality of the sexual practices of the person who called you disgusting, then I guess you are at fault for telling the truth, even though it’s an unpleasant image. I don’t know what the basis of being called a disgusting human being was, so it’s hard to make a definitive judgement. I’ll tell you one thing though. In my experience most people aren’t scared of homosexuals or homosexuality, so they need to change the ‘phobic’ thing. They won’t of course, because that’s how pressure groups get to promote a narrative that people who disagree with them, their religion, lack of it, or lifestyle and/or culture, are crazy and not to be taken seriously. ‘Phobic’ suggests an irrational fear of something. It’s an old trick, which has been used for decades by other minority groups to demonize others. You’re either ‘anti’ or ‘phobic’ in the Cultural Marxist dystopia. Either way, you’re a bad person by default and there’s no argument. The “science is settled” bigot, now sit down and shut up.

You want vile Tweets? We got ’em. The same day of the transgender school shooting in Nashville

The other story was just a crawl on the bottom of the screen, but it was essentially that the organizers of former US president Barack Obama’s speaking event in Melbourne have apologized for stopping Indigenous elder Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin from performing a “Welcome to Country” ceremony at the event. (I’d be willing to bet it involved burning gum leaves. You can’t even open a corner store without that any more.) Aunty Joy wanted to welcome Barry to the country. The ABC website said that “The senior Wurundjeri elder was asked to open Wednesday night’s sold-out event, but the Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Cultural Heritage Aboriginal Corporation said event organizers, Growth Faculty, removed her from proceedings amid claims she was being “too difficult”. Oh well, I had to look it up to find that out. At least she wasn’t being homo or transphobic as far as we know.

All this shit is designed to fracture society by making people question their own sanity. The rational mind knows that these things go against nature, because nature created our natural thought processes. People used to go to university to learn something, and many still do, but the wokeness of it all is counterproductive to mental health. These days, if you didn’t go to University, you’re on the right path. Having a natural mind is a gift from God. You’re fortunate, being still in possession of a healthy cortex. The alternative is becoming ‘possessed’, and it’s no good.

Aunty Joy looks like my grandmother. I’m probably Aboriginal.

It’s Thursday, and I have to go out and pick up a few things from various emporiums. It’s back to winter again, but March is a schizophrenic month. Cold one day and hot the next. Speaking of schizophrenic, what the fuck mushrooms are they ingesting out there in San Francisco? I know how fucking mad they are, I lived there for five years, but this is a new level of really crazy. While I was trying to find out what the homophobic tweet was (the Daily Mail had it) I saw this story.

“‘Five million is too little!’ California reparations task force is told black residents of Golden State should EACH be paid $7.6 million, as leader says proposed $800bn payout might not be enough”.

Who’s paying for this I wonder? It’s insane of course, but there’s the crazy talk, which is engineered to make people lose a grip on reality. Jacob Seigel, who wrote the article called the “Hoax of the Century” that I linked to yesterday, says that the media are just like glove puppets who do the bidding of their masters. Well who are the masters? While I agree with many of his points, the whole article is almost a distraction from what the real story is.

That’s all. These are things to think about and ponder, while using your god-given natural intelligence. It’s like any form of exercise which you do to maintain your health. Use it or lose it.The ‘phobic’ name callers and the ‘anti’ labellers would prefer you didn’t have rationality in the first place. It’s the only thing standing in their way towards turning you into their zombie.