We finally made it.

99+ notifications on Facebook, but I can’t log in to see any of them, can I? A while ago Facebook locked my account because somehow, someone got the password and broke into it. It wasn’t anything I did, and I told them as much. When things like this happen, you get a series of alerts but if you don’t respond right away, the hacker can change the log in information and you are locked out of your account. I eventually responded to the first alert less than a day after I got it. This means that Facebook knows I didn’t change any of the subsequent account info. It also means that knowing this, I shouldn’t have to supply them with personal id to get my account back, but that’s what they are demanding. They want a driver’s licence or a fucking passport! This is Facebook we’re talking about here, not the US government.

Social Media Snake Oil – A modern day pestilence.

Although I can live without this mostly garbage invasive data mining social media site, there are people there that I sometimes communicated with. The assholes at Facebook are effectively blackmailing me with demands for extremely personal information in order to get access back to my friends and family. Adding insult to injury, I can still see the login page with my picture, but I can’t log in unless I bend over and give them my passport. Clearly that’s not happening, ever. Honestly, these days Facebook is a monumentally depressing place at the best of times. All I see are mostly Non Player Character (NPC) zombies, some of whom used to be my friends, (before they cancelled me) posting about the most inane shit that they saw in the New Yorker or Rolling Stone magazine. Everything is just fodder thrown at the wall to try and stay relevant. It’s a bower bird mentality, and it’s mental.

Others rarely post anything, and if they do once every six months, everyone fawns over it like it’s manna from heaven. “Oh, look at this rare Grail LP from 1971, (produced by Rod Stewart) I found in so and so’s record shop, it’s the Holy Grail! ha ha”. People have lost their fucking minds, although I doubt they were even in possession of them in the first place. To say that I find this all so tiresome is an understatement. Do I find Facebook’s digging for my private information by blackmailing me, reprehensible? It’s too mild a word. I don’t really give a fuck about any of this excrement on the long run, but let this be a warning to anyone who thinks that their social media account is secure, and that anyone cares about it other than to use you as cattle to further their own interests.

It’s gonna cost how much!!!?

Moving on to other things, I took my car to a local mechanic last week, and finally got an estimate for the repairs. I have no idea what this dude is smoking, but almost $4 grand to replace a cooling tank and do a tune up, seems a little excessive. I know the price of everything has gone up and is going up, but this is out of the range of reasonableness in my opinion. The “Bing” search engine tells me that the high end of this repair is about $1K, and this guy is also telling me things are broken that I know are almost new, so he sounds like a jackass. If you were wondering why the price of everything is going up, it’s because the price of fuel has gone up. The fiscal idiots in charge of the economy seem to not understand this simple concept at all. Maybe they do, and they’re profiting from it? I am inclined to believe the latter. I hate talking about politics, so I’m not going to. On Saturday night I had my third Indian dinner in a row, and I’ve still got more! It’s like fucking a new girlfriend. You can’t stop, because it’s so good but you don’t want to wear out the holes.

Sans d├ęconner

Yesterday I was looking for a page of lyrics that I know was where it was, but now it’s not anymore. The music room downstairs, I feel is like some kind of portal to the underworld. That this place is haunted, I think there is no doubt. It’s not anything malevolent, more like mischievousness. Things go missing. Electrical devices malfunction, that sort of thing. It could be my imagination too. It’s a strange world indeed it is, crazy even.. ps, I found the missing page, nowhere where it should have been. This journal is all over the map today, but that’s the way it is sometimes. There isn’t an agenda. There isn’t much topical commentary. The news is mostly lies anyway. Anyone who wants to fill their head with nonsense can go and read the Huffington Post or something. The irony is that an idiotic, foaming at the mouth, extreme left wing disaster such as that, gets a much larger readership than I do, and it’s not even close. That’s not even remotely funny, but it does mean anyone reading this is special, and in a good way.