We need more immigrants…

because there’s nowhere for them to live. “An independent research organization is calling on Ottawa to boost immigration and bring in more workers needed to build the housing Canadians need. “Construction of new homes is critical to addressing housing affordability and availability in Canada but persistent labor shortages are one of the obstacles slowing progress,” says Stefan Fournier, executive director of the Conference Board of Canada.” Ok, that’s the problem is it? Too many immigrants coming in that don’t have places to live, therefore we need to bring in more to rectify the housing shortage that was created because we brought in more immigrants that we had housing for. This is your government today. Doubletalk gobbeldegook bullshit all the time. Run by globalist shills, who don’t give a fuck about the people who elected them. Worthless stooges, all of them. This is happening in just about every western country that has been taken over by progressives. The churches aid and abet this catastrophe too. It’s mostly about getting new recruits. New sources of revenue, new sources of labor, and an entirely new voter base, who will keep you in power forever.

Brampton Canada – 55 ft high monkey statue. I hope that’s not a Nazi salute.

A wise man once said, “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy.” I would add that the monarchy part of it isn’t assured. The days of kings and queens having any real power are effectively over, but who knows? At this point in time, many Americans would settle for a benevolent dictatorship compared to what we have now, which is an oppressive regime. Canada has it’s own oppressive dictator in the form of Trudeau already. Perhaps King Charles, who is the head of state there, could clean up the mess, but he’s probably on board with all of it.

Dr Zaius and the “Lawgiver”. Planet of the Apes Abraham Lincoln statue.

Meanwhile, back in Australia, on Australia Day no less, a large group of men in black and wearing balaclavas riding on a train caused alarm for some people. “A train traveling into the CBD abruptly terminated at North Sydney Station due to the police operation, which started about 11.30am after police were notified the group had boarded a train at Artarmon. A large police presence, including officers from the riot squad, cleared the station and waited for the group of “approximately 61 people” to arrive.” (Where they were questioned and some of them arrested for having bad things in their possession). “After leaving the train station, the group congregated at nearby St Peters Park where they started chanting racial slurs and sharing anti-vaccination comments *— and singing. However, they were soon dispersed by police.”

Oh gawd no, they were singing and sharing anti-vaccination comments! Haaalp! Elsewhere, there were racist anti-white “Invasion Day” marches in every city, unimpeded by the authorities. It’s ok to say Australia was “invaded” by White people, but God forbid you go against the bullshit vaccine narrative and sing in public. Link here to this ridiculous story.

Men in black coming off the train getting ready to share anti vaccine comments. Lol! A witness to the incident said he had a “bit of fear”. If this was some kind of government psyop who would be surprised at this point.

It’s all tiresome and boring and it’s Friday. I’d like to turn my attention to something less bleak than politics, but what? From the New York Post “Crystal Hefner reveals in her memoir that she found “little spy holes” at the foot of her late husband’s bed, evidence he was taping his sexual escapades.” He told her that he had “A-list celebrities” on tape, as well as “videos of wild orgies, also with celebrities and politicians and business leaders, some of whom were married,” Hugh Hefner was into these things? What a shock. How many Air B n B’s have got hidden cameras? At least half of them I would think. The cameras are so small now that you can hide them anywhere. Somebody did a story on how you could find them by various methods and tools. The best case scenario was using an expensive lens detector but even then it only found half of them.

Always assume someone’s watching you

Whenever you leave the house you should assume that you going to be filmed. It’s surveillance world now. If you stay at an Air B N B, better make sure you put on a good show for them, or get undressed in the dark. Some perverted creep will be watching what you do, and charging you for it. I’m struggling to find anything interesting to talk about today, so I’ll stop now. Nobody is coming to fix anything. We’re gonna have to do it ourselves.

Happy Friday.

* I post anti-vaccine comments here all fucking day long. I guess I am “Le Bad” too. Those motherfuckers can take a fucking long walk off a short pier.