Wednesday’s journal

contains the news from New Zealand that any amount of alcohol is bad for you. The medical director of the Heart Foundation, Dr Gerry Devlin, says so. The Heart Foundation is some kind of Kiwi charity organization I think, but it’s bold statement indeed. History tells us that the Chinese first started making Neolithic booze in 7,000 BC, so people have been using it for quite a while. This Irishman via New Zealand, wants to stop it for ever. Good luck with that pal! I don’t drink a lot myself, but I have no intention of cutting grog out altogether. In this world of insanity, a relaxing beverage does more good than harm in some situations. Billions would agree with me. Muslims, and Donald Trump, maybe not so much.

I have given it up entirely at times, but it didn’t make much difference to how I felt. It’s singularly, undoubtedly beneficial value to society is that it is a great social lubricant. Many people who have anxiety in public gathering like parties and social events, are helped enormously by having a drink in their hand. Alcohol is a health giver, if used correctly. There are always going to be people who don’t want anyone to enjoy life. Don’t do this, don’t do that. Here’s some advice. Life itself will kill you eventually. You may as well enjoy some of it. The rest of the tetotalling, vegan, vegetarian, low carbon footprint crowd can do as they please. We would all appreciate if you kept it to yourselves. To be fair, the good Dr was probably saying what he said to get people to cut back. Some people drink far too much for sure. Then again a blow-out is what you might need once in a blue moon. There’s nothing better than coming good after wild night and a raging hangover. It’s a young person’s right of passage.

Smoke dreams

You can always take other drugs. My prediction is that future will contain a lot of gummies. People have been smoking weed forever, but now they can buy edibles, aka gummies that give you the same high without the ingestion of smoke, which isn’t desirable for a lot of people. You can even make your own if you have the ingredients. For the record, I’ve never tried to, but people tell me it’s not hard to do. As the older generations get older, a lot of them will eventually want to return to childhood and sit around eating candy all day. If you can get stoned doing it, great! It’s a growth industry I tell ya. Some other Dr Devlin type will undoubtedly come out with the news that any gummy is bad for you. “Well, that’s just like, your opinion man”.

Nothing much else is going on. I watched more of Glastonbury last night. I’m telling you, this thing is a shit mine of awfulness at times. I saw Blondie’s show. She was ok, but the voice is failing a bit. Good for her. It was like grandma had got dolled up for Halloween, but let’s see what Madonna looks like when she’s 77. The other I-wish-I hadn’t- seen, (not Blondie) thing was the 70’s group Sparks, performing with “special guest” Cate Blanchett. The one Spark dude, (who doesn’t have the Hitler mustache) ponced about in a colorful outfit. His hair was dyed jet black, and it looked like a bad wig. He’s 74, and his brother is 77. This is not a bad thing. Glastonbury featured a lot of septuagenarians.


Last year, Paul McCartney, who had just turned 80, headlined with a terrific show. It’s the “trying to look like you’re 25” thing that’s unnecessary, I think. It looked like Blondie was rocking her naturally grey hair, and it looked better, in my opinion. The least said about Cate (with a “C”) the better. I can hear her kids crying out, “Mom, stop it. You’re embarrassing us!” My own hair started to go grey in my mid thirties, and I used to dye it blonde from time to time, but now I don’t care. Jet black hair on someone with hair that has most probably gone grey looks weird, and makes them look older.

Apparently the (even fatter now than this) Scotsman thinks this is what people want to see. You’re welcome

You see this a lot with some of the heavy rockin’ cover bands who perform around here. Dude, you’re 55. Lose the tight leather pants, chains, hair dye and eye makeup. Especially if you’re not skinny anymore. Which brings me to…. yes, the fat, Tourettes, Scottish fuck eventually took off the t-shirt. (picrel) Thanks. I can’t unsee that now. It’s raining again.. Fuck

Wednesday is Big Lebowski day today.