We’re not out of

the woods yet, but it has cooled down. Last week was disgustingly hot and humid. Today, it’s not too bad, but relatively speaking, today isn’t the perfect day either. I hate this fucking weather. Yesterday the band got together to work on some tunes. I played so much that the tip of my index finger on the left hand is sore. I though I had callouses, but obviously they didn’t help. It’s the weather! Anyway, it hurts to type now.

I just came away from “catching” “The Drum” on the ABC, where a lisping and very effeminate man with a gigantic gold ring was hosting a panel of drones, who all had massive hard ons (even the women!) for NATO. At one point one of the guests said that Australia needed to be “a bit more evangelistic about democracy around the world”. The very word “evangelistic” visibly triggered the woman sitting next to him. Never mind that any attempts to “democratize” foreign countries is nobodies business, and usually ends in abject failure. I don’t think that’s what triggered the lady though, it was just the word itself. The guests on this sorry excuse for a show are always hand-picked to deliver the correct narrative, of that you can be sure. One woman, (some kind of expert?) whose qualifications frankly sounded like gobbeldygook, even had a framed “The Drum” poster on the wall behind her. Fair and balanced indeed.

“The Drum” – a half baked dumpster fire

What a load. I turned it off. These NPC idiots are all the the same. They wouldn’t know if someone was up them with a ten foot pole. This is what passes for discussion on a taxpayer funded news platform. It’s akin to the People’s Daily. Oh wait, they actually have that now. “China Tonight” is a recently introduced program hosted by Chinese people which airs in prime time on ABC TV on Friday night at 8 pm. Just when you’ve shaken off the weariness of the work week, you can sit down with a beer and enjoy what very well may be Chinese government propaganda for an hour. Wonderful! Thanks Albo.

China Tonight – Stan Grant gone. Look at us, we are the new hosts now

Over at the BBC there is a kerfuffle over some news that a well known BBC presenter has been paying a young man for sex pictures. Nobody knows who this individual is, but they have been taken off the air. Should be easy find out, right? Notice who’s missing perhaps? Nobody knows anything. Today’s news from somewhere tells us that “somebody saw Madonna strolling around Manhattan yesterday chatting with a friend”. Try googling that, good luck.

You mean to say that Madonna walked around NYC in public on the weekend, and nobody has a picture of it? I’m calling bullshit on that one. When we actually see her post something that’s verifiable, I’m going to believe she’s still not out of the woods. These female singer/celebs are nothing, if not wanton posters on social media. Take Britney Spears. She is constantly posting nude and semi nude photographs. Her latest Instagram posts, in my opinion look like something you’d see in a strip club on the wrong side of town. She looks deranged, but maybe that’s what she was going for.

She’s just an ordinary girl, lost in her ordinary world…

It’s a desperate plea for attention, but that’s fine. Entertainers spend their whole lives craving attention, why would they stop when they probably should? They can’t. Why do you think I write this stream of consciousness screed every day? I’m kidding. I’m just sharing my opinion on things I see. You can’t trust anything anymore. Even the so-called alternative news and information sources are biased. There are some subjects that are simply untouchable, but light will eventually shine through. Don’t trust me either, I could be wrong about some stuff. I haven’t so far, but you never know.

This Week in Country Music – Country music star Vlod shares with us how much his new music video cost to make.

I write this to keep from going insane. If I actually watched TV and followed public events from the point of view of the mainstream media, I’d cease to mentally function. That’s the whole point of the “news”. It’s to lull you into a stupor with things that don’t make any sense at all. Your brain tells you it’s crazy stuff, and yet there is some unthreatening looking person wearing a suit sitting in a multi million dollar TV studio smiling at you, and saying everything’s fine. It’s called gaslighting. Social media isn’t much better. While Twitter isn’t as draconian as it used to be, it’s still full of insane people who should have no business commenting on anything requiring serious discussion. For every sane comment, there is an equal amount of lunatics. They should all migrate over to “Threads” in my opinion, but they won’t. People like that exist to drop intellectual trash everywhere they go. It’s very progressive of them.