Where do I begin?

I know I shouldn’t do it, but I almost always watch the ABC Down Under’s late night news show, “The World” starring Beverly O’ Connor. It’s the only thing on at that hour of the day that doesn’t have annoying commercials, and it never fails to deliver Idiocracy in spades. The ABC website says that, “Beverley has been a journalist and presenter with the ABC for more than twenty years.” She’s been hosting “The World” since 2014. If someone could say nothing about any of this tragic excuse for a news program, it would be mercifully taking the high ground, but I’ll make an exception today because the bullshit, misinformation, disinformation and out right lies that I just saw with my own eyes, compels it to be spoken about.

70’s Bev – If I say it, itschhh true.

As I tuned in this morning Bev was talking to an odd looking man with giant black rimmed spectacles. He’s her go-to expert on US politics, This dude works for something called “The American Center” (for bullshit?) and he looks like the Penguin from the Batman TV show. These two were discussing Donald Trump’s latest indictment in Georgia, where yet another Democrat operative prosecutor has weaponized the justice system with some questionable charges, to try and knock out Joe Biden’s main competition in the 2024 Presidential election.

If you thought any of this discussion was going to involve anything other than Democrat talking points, you’d be mistaken. Furthermore, according to these two paid shills, Trump wasn’t as popular as you might think, and he probably wouldn’t even be nominated as the GOP candidate, this latest indictment was so damning. They thought it was quite the joke, kind of in the vein of that America insulting garbage “comedy” show “Planet America” that is now unfortunately back on the airwaves. After the Trump problem was dealt with, these two reprobates, in a false attempt to appear unbiased, moved on to the Hunter Biden issue. Yes, it was bad they said, but compare Hunter to some other son or close relative of a sitting president in the past. It happens all the time. Why, even Trump’s son in law had done something wrong once. There was nothing to see here at all. The almost overwhelming evidence that Joe Biden was deeply entangled in all of this, wasn’t talked about for one nanosecond.

Hunter – who needs pants?

If anyone is unsure whether or not this is true , let me quote verbatim from the (Republican) led House Oversight Committee which says thus..” Evidence obtained by Committee Republicans reveals Joe Biden lied to the American people about his involvement in his family’s business schemes. The Biden family business model is built on Joe Biden’s political career and connections with Joe Biden as the ‘chairman of the board.’ Biden family members sold access for profit around the world to the detriment of American interests. It’s just as relevant as the Trump indictments, but do you think Bev and the Penguin mentioned any of this? No, they did not.

After we were done with that, the following segments in this sorry excuse for a show about so-called world events were in numerous cases, the obligatory Climate Change nonsense. Thailand was sinking under the waves. (Climate Change) The fires in Hawaii (Climate Change) The Democrat Governor said so. It must be true. Tasmania’s bush fire season was approaching, so we need to recognize it’s just going to get worse (Climate Change). The Matilda’s might lose their next match. (Climate Change..you know that will be the reason if they do lose) Honestly, I would put money on the definite possibility that the ABC cannot get through a single day of broadcasting without mentioning Climate Change at least four times every hour. It’s probably far more. I can tune in at any random hour and guaranteed it will get a mention.

There was some other crap about scientists developing a new way to generate the great new renewable fuel, Hydrogen. Some literal idiot came on and said that wind and solar would provide the energy to power the “Hydrogenator”, and that it would be used to make steel eventually. Oh my God. We have to lower the “carbon”. Speaking of which, Tasmania has the fastest growing uptake of electric vehicles. Yes, electric cars are the thing down in Tassie now. (admittedly it’s a small island, so they could work there) Purchases had doubled last year. Again, the same experts and industry insiders were telling us how we all needed this. Why wouldn’t you believe the guy who speaks for the electric car Industry? All I heard was government subsidies to build more “infrastructure”. They’ll be banning gas stoves next, just to accelerate the destruction of civilization that they started with this carbon bullshit

Man – made is carbon 0.12% of the atmosphere. That’s not what the scientists on TV told me.

This is all hilarious and entertaining but for the fact that Taxpayer money funds this horse shit. This isn’t a public service. It’s a disservice. The Australian Broadcasting Commission is by and large a propaganda arm for the extreme left. It’s a fucking disgrace. I almost don’t give a fuck, because I don’t live there now, but for fuck’s sake, what they’re doing borders on criminal abuse of the truth.

Bev seems like a nice enough woman, but she’s a useless drone when it comes to journalism. They all are. I shouldn’t talk about it here. I’m polluting my own space giving this electronic sewer known as the ABC, any kind of oxygen at all. It’s main function seems to be to demoralize everyone. It’s a mystery why they do what they do. Few people I know, are going to even be bothered talking about it. Politics turns people off. Think of this if you will, as the equivalent of someone yelling at the TV. Writing this journal is something that I do every day now. I can’t really stop. If you have more interesting things in your life, good for you. If you agree with me, but can’t be bothered with any of it, I’m doing all the yelling at the TV that people like you with better things to do have the time for. You’re welcome.

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