Yesterday, or was it the day before?

I don’t remember. Dr Jan Halper-Hayes, a former Global Vice President of Republicans Overseas UK, was speaking about the 2020 election on “Breakfast with Stephen and Ellie”, a British TV show. “During the interview, Halper-Hayes said that the Department of Defense Task Force, Space Force had evidence proving the fraudulent nature of the 2020 election.” (link below)

There were also some very interesting comments from her about the entire foundation of the Republic of the United States and it’s legal status. I’ve read some of this stuff elsewhere before, but the intriguing part about all of this is that Trump himself allegedly took to social media to “amplifiy” what this lady was saying. If all, or even part of what she is talking about is true, it’s one of the greatest revelations of the last 200 years. For my part I hope it’s true, but read the story yourself, and make up your own mind.

Make America again.

Back to more mundane topics, I had to scale a 30 foot ladder this morning to patch up a hole in the side of the fortress in the bay window. Those fucking demonic cunt squirrels had been chewing the outside of the window last week, and I covered it over with metal mesh to stop them. They then found a gap on the top of the window and got in there and started gnawing away. I hate getting up on high ladders, but I had to do it. Not only were these agents of the devil doing this stuff, they completely stripped all the fruit off a nectarine tree that I had planted three years ago. They had always eaten the fruit off it way before it was ripe, but this year they waited until it was almost ready. I thought I might get some nectarines, but no. I went away for a few days and when I came back everything was gone. To say I hate fucking squirrels is an understatement. I fucking loathe them. If it wasn’t such an urban environment here, I would sit outside with a gun and shoot them dead, which legally I am entitled to do if they are damaging my property, WHICH THEY ARE!!

Fuck squirrels. The next place I live in is going to be in the desert where these bastards don’t live. Most likely there will be some other nuisance critter, but at least it won’t be the cunt squirrels. In Italy there is a bounty on them. The government offers rewards for grey squirrel tails. They destroy the fucking trees. The damage to trees in England is estimated at 2 million British pounds per year. People eat them too. Native Americans and Colonists ate them and some folk in Mississippi cook them up to this day. Country legend Johnny Paycheck went to jail when he shot a man in a bar who, as a way to insulting him, offered to take him home and feed him home cooked deer meat and turtle soup. Squirrel may have also been on the menu, but you get the picture. Paycheck said, “‘Do you see me as some kind of country hick?’ and shot him in the head, which grazed the man’s temple, but fortunately didn’t kill him. Paycheck went to jail for two years, although he was sentenced to nine.

Take this squirrel and shove it!

Johnny Paycheck passed away in 2003. One night in 1996 when I was living in Nashville, I had been backstage at the Opry checking out the scene for a while, when I got bored and decided to leave. As I walked out and down the corridor to the exit, I saw Paycheck appear. He was a vision with a big white beard and an equally large hat. He was on his own, and he walked past me like a man on a mission. (maybe he had someone to kill? ) He officially joined the Opry the next year, and I was back in Australia.