Yesterday was

a blow out, so there was no New Year’s day journal. Nothing happened anyway. The band got together last Friday and recorded a bunch of songs, one of which I posted on NY Eve. It’s already had 135 views which is pretty good for an act that has never played outside of the Fortress. I think about doing gigs elsewhere, but then I think of the work involved, and I’m not that motivated. One day, eventually it will happen, but even people in Norway can see what we’re doing, which they wouldn’t be able to, if we were doing a show at the local bar in front of 20 people. I’ve done all of this many times. It gets tiresome after a while. When I was a lot younger it was easy. There was drinking and sex involved, and I like those things.

I was watching the morning TV and I saw an ad for something called “Hallow”. I honestly thought it was a comedy sketch. It starts with a woman waking up in her bedroom, and she sees a bearded dude sitting cross legged on her night stand. “What the….(fuck/hell?)” she says in astonishment. The scruffy looking bearded guy, who for no reason at all looks like Jesus Christ, and in fact is the same actor who plays Jesus in The Chosen, which is an American Christian historical drama television series, say to her, “Hi I’m your guide on Hallow, a prayer and meditation app to help you find peace, and grow closer to God.” There is a man in the bed with her, but he appears to be asleep. In fact he stays asleep during the whole sales pitch, that the fake Jesus gives her in the commercial. The whole thing is weird, but this is the world we live in now. You find religion on your cellphone. If the Pope approved of this, and the Catholic church was getting royalties from it, I would not be in the least surprised. Just so you know, it’s not free. I’m shocked.

Hallow there, I’m your virtual Jesus.

Today it’s sunny outside, but there is a prediction of snow by the weekend. I’m not a fan. I was watching the BBC yesterday and they kept talking about “Storm Gerrit.” We’re back to giving the weather cute names I see. It’s so annoying. Also, the Queen of Denmark announced her abdication in her New Year’s Eve address to the nation. On the BBC a “Danish journalist” filled us in on the details. I could be wrong but I swear to God, the individual I saw didn’t look in the slightest bit like Danish person. Why do they do that? Not that I care what Denmark’s queen or any monarch thinks, says or does anyway, but I’m beginning to see why she might want to abdicate the throne now. Danish people don’t seem to be Danish any more. Her successor, Crown Prince Frederik, like Britain’s King Charles III, is known for his passion for the environment. He has vowed to “guide the ship” of Denmark into the future. Oh great, just what the world needs, another global warming nut.

That person back there is not Danish!

Fuck all of this. I’m going to enjoy this year. If Trump prevails, the least we can hope for is that gas prices will come down, thereby making inflation come down. Maybe there won’t be any wars going on? CNN keeps telling me that the everything is great under the Biden regime. Nobody is believing it though. You can only piss on people so much and tell them that it’s rain before they eventually wake up. As we navigate the waters of 2024 be prepared for some surprises and shocks along the way. Progressives are losing their grip on everything, and they’re not going to go quietly. Remember that we’re dealing with the mentally ill. They have nothing to lose except everything. A lot of these people have taken the vaccine poison as well, and they’re going to be very angry when they find out what has been done to them in the name of “science”. The gas from the gas lighting pipeline is going to run out, and the media if they want to survive, are going to have to adopt the narrative of who is paying the bills.

It will be an interesting year, that’s for sure.