Yesterday’s fanging

of “Straya Day may have upset some people, but I doubt it. Nobody who would have gotten upset is going to read it, so it doesn’t matter. I just finished uploading a new release by F. For those of you who don’t know, that’s the name of my band. It started out as Far Out Man, which became Far Out, which begat “Far” and now it’s simply “F”. I can’t reduce it any more. I could call it nothing I suppose. F’s first album is a live one. In the past I have added my own audience, but this time I decided to leave it out. There’s no applause, and no audience canned or otherwise. Why would I be so dishonest, you might ask? Have you ever watched a sitcom or a comedy show on TV? Do you think people are actually in the studio laughing at any of that unfunny shite? If they can do it, so can I, only I’m using canned applause not a laugh track. I am 100% certain I would get the same reaction IRL anyway, I’ve seen and heard it when I’ve done live shows before. People love me. (unless they’re reading this)

F during a live recording at the Fortess. No, it’s not.

Yesterday I went over to Fishkill to buy a new rug for the living room. The one I wanted was in stock so the website said, but when I got there, it was still being unloaded from the truck. I couldn’t find anything else and I was so annoyed I did want to kill a fish at that point, but I went home. On Sunday I was walking into the local branch of the same chain store and some fellows suddenly rushed out with armfuls of coats. It was one of those grab and run 100% off discount days I think. The thieves took off in a dark colored SUV, which camouflaged them quite well. A few years ago a toaster was stolen from the front porch here. I caught it on a security cam. It was dark. It’s happening all the time now. Even elections aren’t safe. It’s sad to see my old town, San Francisco going from bad to worse. It’s such an attractive city, and the weather is just about perfect. They have Melbourne trams too. I stood there in amazement one morning as a city tram (pic below) rolled right up to where I was standing at the end of Market Street. I thought I was hallucinating. They’ve got two of the green dragons now. They got the latest one in 2009 a few years after I had left.

The US flag is a dead giveaway.

I’d go back and live in SF tomorrow if it wasn’t so fucked up. Unbelievably, South of Market, (SoMa) an historic San Francisco downtown neighborhood, is still the most expensive real estate in the nation. This is also near where Bob Lee, a tech executive who founded Cash App was stabbed in April last year, and basically left to die out in the street. It hasn’t made a dent on real estate prices though. There was another double stabbing in December of last year and a fatal one in January too. Despite it’s flaws, San Francisco is handy to everything. LA is just down the road, and travel to SE Asia and Hawaii is more convenient.

I don’t know…I hate the winter here. I don’t ski, and I don’t do any of those winter sports. It will be over soon I hope. What with the climate change and all. Some people are going to wish in the future they hadn’t given this stupid idea an airing in public. Their comments are going to age like milk. Whenever I hear someone talking about it in the media it makes me cringe. Like the rest of the New World Order garbage, the message is faltering. I’m not going to talk about though. We’re all sick of it. I keep reading about the draft and World War Three, but I don’t think that’s going to stick either. Unless someone drops a nuke on somebody (which could happen) people are just going to tell the governcunt to fuck off.

Fuck off with that shit honey.

But back to what concerns me. After the F album has jumped out of the gate, it will be followed by an Ian Stephen release. I have a few new songs and whole lot of others that never made it to previous releases. Some of it is strange and odd. I always record more material than I need for albums. Some of it shouldn’t see the light of day, and some of it sounds better now than it did when I recorded it. Time has a way of changing one’s perception of things. Unlike milk, which doesn’t grow old gracefully, sometimes songs sound better if you just leave them be for a few years. I don’t know if I have anything like that. I guess I’ll find out.

This probably shouldn’t have been released but listen until the end and decide.