Yo, it’s Friday again,

the weeks are flying by. Soon it will be Christmas and there will be snow on the ground. Last winter the plow guy tore the driveway up so badly that in the aftermath there were large rocks scattered all along it. I managed to move most of them, but I still drove over one and mangled a fucking blade on the mower which I had to cut out with a angle grinder because it wouldn’t turn around under the deck. I don’t know, but it’s almost like the guy gets rotten drunk before he goes out plowing. It’s not something I want to repeat this year. It was like he was grading the drive, not plowing it. As you might know I’m not a fan of the cunting ice and snow. It looks nice, but it’s a pain to deal with every year. It doesn’t get any better.

New Yorkers dealing with the cunting ice and snow.

I don’t want today’s journal to turn into a whine festival though. There must be some good things to talk about, surely. It started raining here at about 4 am, and it’s still raining. There’s a lot of thunder too. SHUT UP! It’s the summer of rain. Better than a drought though. It also means I don’t have to go outside and do stuff that I’m not particularly interested in, like gardening. After this month, we should be getting into the good weather. It stops getting so hot and humid and the days are warm and the nights are cooler. That’s all wonderful and good you might say, but where’s the political outrage today?

Voyager – apparently it has a state of the art 8-track tape deck

There’s plenty, but sometimes one needs a rest from it. Since I write this every day, it’s an effort to maintain the rage 24/7. It’s tiresome, but if you want to know what’s going on without the bullshit, just go to the websites I mentioned a day or two ago. Whatfinger.com and Citizenfreepress.com Perhaps I’ll put a permanent link here every day, in case someone new shows up. Last night I was watching some old Star Trek movies from the mid eighties. They’re quite charming and funny. Everyone by then was getting old, and it’s almost like Dad’s Army in Space sometimes. Shatner looks the youngest. Bones, (Deforest Kelley) who was a good ten years older than the others when made the original TV series in the mid sixties, looks positively ancient. There’s nothing wrong with any of that either. Everyone gets old….There’s no escape unless you stop living early. There were six Star Trek movies made between 1979 and 1991. I plan to watch them all eventually.

In 1979’s “Star Trek the Motion Picture”, Voyager 6 has morphed into a non biological living thing.

Last night was 1989’s Star Trek – The Final Frontier. I didn’t get to watch all of it because I was starting to fall asleep, but there was one sequence where a Klingon commander spots one of the Voyager space craft making it’s way through the galaxy. It looks battered and worn. After all, in 1989 it had been traveling through space for 12 years. They blast it to smithereens just because they can. In reality, Voyager 1 and 2 are still travelling through space today. Voyager 1 was in the news this week because someone at NASA had sent the wrong message to it, and because of that it had failed to re-orient its transmitter back towards earth. Fortunately, 46 years ago someone had anticipated the possibility of that happening and had idiot proofed it in the event of such misfortune. It will self re-orient next month. The Wikipedia entry doesn’t credit the builders of the Voyager space craft, because why would they want to do that? There’s no political gain in that narrative. Nope.

Happy Friday.

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Space Force – Dig the state of the art special effects.

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