You know what’s

annoying? When software manufacturers decide to “improve” their product, and there’s a another level of fuckery that comes with it. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The clowns who are employed in these companies have to justify their existence I suppose, but leave it the fuck alone already. Music software AKA Digital Audio Workstation programs are all different. There’s a steep learning curve with a lot of them. I don’t wanna have to learn new and pointless stuff on the one that has worked fine for at least 15 years now.

Did the Weekend get plastic surgery? That’s the question we all want answered.

Ah fuck it, it’s almost the weekend, and I haven’t even had breakfast yet. As is it’s habit, Summer started almost exactly on time this week. It started to get hot, and it has stayed that way since. I’m not going outside today much. I’m still trying to sweeten the tracks I recorded on Saturday, although most of it is pretty good. Not a lot of mistakes, and even the mistakes make it somewhat interesting. I don’t care about mistakes much any way. Unless it’s a glaring clanger, I’ll probably leave it in. The music business is complete garbage anyway. It’s a pointless exercise from start to finish. Ask Brian Jones, the guy who started the Rolling Stones…wait, you can’t ask him. he drowned in 1969 in his own swimming pool.

Occasionally when they’re not broadcasting lies, libelous slander, war propaganda and inane nonsense, the BBC have some interesting programs. One of them concerns the life of Brain Jones. I forget the name of it, but it’s basically the story of how Brian formed the Stones, and then was gradually sidelined by Jagger and RIchards, until he was eventually fired. The problem that Brian had was that although he was officially the band leader in the early days, he didn’t write any songs. His focus was on R n B, and he hated things like “Satisfaction” because he thought it sounded like cheap garbage. Bill Wyman tells the story of how him and Brian were in South Florida and met some cute girls at a bar in the place they were staying. They took them up to their rooms and spent the night fucking their cute brains out. Keith, in the meantime woke up in the middle of the night, (presumably he was alone), and hit “play” on his cassette recorder to capture the now iconic “Satisfaction” riff, before falling back asleep. The rest is …ah…history.

Dental hygiene dilemma. I’m stealing the room!

I guess there’s a lesson there, but I don’t know what it is. Brian was a druggie, there’s no doubt about it, and that really was his downfall. In the end that’s what killed him. Being fired from the band he created, had little to do with his death. It was inevitable given the downward trajectory he was on. He was musically brilliant though. The flute you hear on “Ruby Tuesday” is Brian. The “Painted Black” sitar riff is again Brian. The documentary doesn’t tell us any other tracks that have such Brian Jones impactfulness. Bill Wyman is the one who talks about these things, and that’s all he’s giving up. Bill and Brian were kind of the outsiders in the band, but they seemed to get on together. Looking at Bill Wyman today, it’s hard to imagine him being a cool 60’s rock star. Bill comes across looking like somebody’s grandmother. What happened?

There are only two now now that Charlie has gone to that great drum room in the sky. The popular joke is that Keef will probably outlast all of them. I have no idea, although Mick Jagger has had heart surgery so maybe that will prove to be true. On their official website they are shilling themselves with TikTok. “Create content with all the Stones hits!” It doesn’t look like they’re touring at the moment, but they’ll probably be back at it soon enough. Rock and Roll will never die man (as long as there’s money in it).

Happy Friday.