According to the New York Times,

there have been at least 46 near-miss collisions in the U.S. in the last month alone. How long before there’s another flaming inferno on an airport runway somewhere? I really like flying, and this doesn’t inspire much confidence in the integrity of the system. As long as none of these near misses connect it’s all good, right? My late uncle, who was a commercial pilot for most of his life, told me once that if people knew what went on in the airline industry nobody would ever get on a plane again. That planes aren’t routinely falling like bricks is probably luck and the good skills of the people who pilot these buses of the sky. I don’t know why I’m even talking about this. I have a headache, but not as bad as the one Yevgeny Prigozhin the former Wagner leader got when his plane fell out of the sky yesterday. It was a text book case of “fuck around and find out”, that’s for sure.

I have a headache because I woke up at 5.30 am yesterday and didn’t go to bed until 1 am this morning. I got a week’s worth of stuff done yesterday, so now I can cruise for a couple of days. I had to get my truck registered, buy a floor jack, see my friends at the goat farm, go to the post office, and call Australia about my license renewal which has been driving me insane for the last six months. There was other stuff I did, but it’s making me tired thinking about it all. This morning I found a whole lot of butternuts on the ground up the road near the barn. That reminds me of the Del Reeves song, “The picture of the girl on the billboard, near the field on the big ‘ol highway” for some reason. My mind ain’t right, I know. I knew there were butternut trees here, I’d just never seen any butternuts in real life. They’re quite big actually. You have to break open the green husk and crack the nut inside. They’re similar to walnuts, but without the bitter taste.

They don’t look like much, but I’ve got three bags full of these butternuts

Does anyone care about this stuff? At least I’m not talking about politics, which I know turns people off. I’ve still got a headache though. What do? Second breakfast is coming up, that might cure it. This weekend I’m not doing any music at all. I might do some guitar practice. I have to figure out why all the equipment failed last weekend. It was annoying to say the least. There is a barebones, three camera version that I made, but the sound is crap and all the cameras but one, stopped working 20 minutes before the end. It’s kind of charming in a lo fi way. Maybe I’ll post it one day. My now disabled Facebook page has 38 notifications. I can see the login picture and the red notification button, but I CAN’T FUCKING LOG IN, CAN I? These clowns know it wasn’t me who hacked my account, but they won’t make it good. I’ll just keep posting how many notifications I’m getting. Let’s go for 100 by November. It could happen.

This is all going nowhere today. It’s just psychobabble. I’m out until tomorrow. Later homies…