It’s another beautiful day here in the North East. i just went out to buy some milk. Everyone seemed happy. The sun makes a big difference. I was watching the TV last night and I gotta say, if I hear that the energy crisis is caused by Putin one more time I’m going to throw a lump of coal through the TV screen. In this instance it was a the very unfortunate looking, and terminally stupid Australian “Minister for Energy and Climate Change” Chris Bowen. While I was looking up who he was, I saw that there are Ministers for Climate Change in other countries as well. Not that I imagined that any Commonwealth country worth it’s salt wouldn’t have such ridiculous portfolios at at. The chilling discovery is that the opposition parties have “Shadow Ministers for Climate Change”. This effectively tells us that there is no hope that this insanity is going away soon. In the UK there is a shadow MFCC.

There is one in Australia, Canada, the UK, probably New Zealand and God knows where else. If you’re looking for any opposition to this state sponsored religion, there seems to be none in Commonwealth countries. They probably have one in the GOP for all I know. A Yahoo/Yougov poll in October 2021 said that two thirds of Republican voters thought Climate Change wasn’t a big deal. Given that it’s Yahoo, a determinedly left wing mouthpiece, the poll isn’t anything you’d want to bet the house on. That it is a religion, there is no doubt. The “Science is Settled” on that one, although it’s not a good idea to base anything on the the absolutsim that is a hallmark of Progressive “thinking”, if we can call the mental illness that is it, “thinking”.

Anyway, the take away from this is that this progressive, creepy false ideology is everywhere, so be warned. It is a full-blown religion now, and heretics will be punished. It’s incredibly annoying when someone posts something on Facebook about this very subject and Facebook deems it appropriate to add their 2c worth on the subject. Nobody asked you clowns in the first place. Facebook is yet another propaganda arm of the left, as was Twitter until Musk bought it and exposed the enormous amounts of rot and mold that was behind the sheetrock. Facebook has no business strong arming their way into people’s discussions on whether or not there is man made climate change. It’s an appalling abuse of people’s right to free speech.

This is the current world we live in, but it’s too nice of a day to be talking about it. Just enjoy the comedy.