Ah noo,

the first minister of Scotland has handed in her resignation. What’re we gonna doo noowe? There seems to be a pattern forming. First horse face from New Zealand , and now the troll from Scotland.Will Trudeau be next? We can only hope. It’s Wednesday Feb 15, and time is flying by. Elon Musk just appeared at some meeting of the globo homo and told them all we shouldn’t be too cooperative towards forming a one-world government because basically we need separation to ensure that the whole thing doesn’t collapse at once. It’s a great idea. Gobo Homo is a shit idea, but that goes without saying. The elites are chock full of shit ideas actually. None of them are any good. Getting rid of the crap governments (or at least reducing) we have would also be a good idea.

Everything’s better in Scotland

I don’t want to dwell on or in that anyway. Last night I watched the last episode about the people on the spectrum who were looking for love. As I predicted, none of it worked out for any of them apart from the two “Downies”, who were touchingly sweet in their devotion for one another. We’ll never see a follow-up of course, because that will probably fall over too eventually. I’m even more convinced now that “Dianne” the tranny, is just a bloke who took this whole thing on as a dare at the pub. The bloke isn’t even trying to be a lady at all apart from the lipstick, high heels and padded bra, but he’s still looking for love. Good luck to him. I hope he won the bet. I also realize that what I’m saying here is probably anathema to the trans folk out there, but honestly I don’t care. It’s my opinion, and nobody is asking them to come here. If I do get attacked, it probably means I’m getting noticed. Something which isn’t happening at all. Snoop Dog or whatever it is called, is probably still number one on Instagram, nobody is interested in me apart from about 20 people.

That’s the beauty of being off social media. This is a personal web site where free speech exists (for now) I’l take this opportunity to thank my readers for giving it a go, and having an open mind still. Over at alt social media, they are attacking men with beards, saying they have something to hide. Maybe some do, but in my case, (although I have a semblance of a beard most of the time) I’m not hiding anything. Up until I was about 35, I couldn’t, for the life of me, even grow a beard. I tried. Finally when I was shaving regularly, I found that a razor blade just didn’t work any more, so I switched to an electric. This resulted in less shaving and more three, four and five day growth, due to laziness more than anything else. Every time I grow a beard, after a while I can’t stand how it feels on my face so I shave it off.

That is not me.

I’ve got a strong chin, I don’t need a beard to hide anything. After all that, I’ve run out of stuff to say. I’m getting hungry, so it’s probably time for second breakfast, which is actually lunch. This is also the time when I have my first and only coffee of the day. I used to start the mornings with a coffee and a croissant, but it was too much caffeine that early in the morning. Now I have tea and toast. This is not very interesting at all to anyone. I wonder what Rhianna has for breakfast. I should google it. The results are mixed, but I’ll give you the one that’s on the top of the search, “ Rihanna’s Go-To Food – In an interview with Fabulous Magazine, Rihanna described her go-to meals: “I have egg whites and pineapple for breakfast with hot water and lemon. For lunch I have fish and potatoes.”

That sounds like bullshit to me…