Apple, who lead the tech world

in advanced bundle-of-stickery, have just released a new VR headset. Film director James Cameron says it’s ‘mind blowing’. The fucking price is mind blowing. It’s three and a half grand! Who is gonna buy this shit? Secondly, however ‘mindblowing’ it is, who wants to put some googles on their face for more than 20 minutes? Like just about everything Apple makes, it’s designed to appeal to persons of low intellect, who want everything delivered to them on a platter, and an expensive one at that None of these Apple fans would buy any of this stuff if it was affordable. They insist on paying too much. It’s in their DNA. Zuckerberg tried to get people to invest in his stupid metaverse, but that was a miserable failure. These dudes apparently think everyone wants to sit around and live in an alternate universe. People were even buying real estate in this imaginary world for a while.

I guess the world is becoming so fucked up, people might want to escape via a VR headset, I don’t. That’s what our self proclaimed overlords would love us to do. They can fuck right off with that.

Today is Groundhog day in North America and Punxsutawny Phil did not see his shadow this morning at Gobbler’s Knob in Pennsylvania. That means he’s predicting an early spring. Studies have found no consistent association between a groundhog seeing its shadow and the subsequent arrival time of spring-like weather. Whatever….The name Punxsutawney derives from a Indian native name in the Lenape language. It’s the name of the town where Phil lives nearby.

Down Under, an Adelaide public servant is set to receive compensation for a heart condition he developed from a reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine. Daniel Shepherd, 44, developed pericarditis after a rare reaction to his third Pfizer COVID-19 jab, which he was required to have before beginning a job with the Department of Child Protection. No word on how much he’s going to get for the pleasure of now having the heart of a 90 year old. It has begun. Let’s watch as more elected officials who forced people into this nightmare, decide that they need to retire and do something else. People really should have known once they started talking about “jabs” which the dictionary describes as “poke” (someone or something) roughly or quickly, especially with something sharp or pointed. Is that what you want?

Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg (yes, that’s her real name) was acquitted Friday of refusing to follow a police order to leave a protest blocking the entrance to a major oil and gas industry conference in London last year.The courtroom gallery erupted with applause as Judge John Law told Thunberg and her four co-defendants to stand and told them they were cleared of the criminal charge of breaching the Public Order Act on the grounds that there were “significant deficiencies in the evidence” presented by the prosecutor.

The courtroom was apparently full of people who believe in non existent Anthropogenic Climate Change. The Progressive death cult flat earth society lives! I can’t even….

It’s the end of the working week. Someone has just posted on X via Sky News that according to a US DoD official: “B-1 Bombers have left Lakenheath Air Base in Britain on a mission towards the Middle East.” I couldn’t fucking care less what these asshole do at this point.

Happy Friday.