Intellectual Famine

I’m hungry, but it’s because I got up early and now it’s past 2nd breakfast time, which is normally an hour later than this. Does this make sense? Nobody cares. I’ve been messing about with my music software program. It’s time to drag it kicking and screaming into this century. The good thing about using computers to record music is that it doesn’t require gaming rig levels of computer power as does video editing. When you are trying to put together a video editing computer you have to purchase gaming video cards. These are the same devices that people have been using to mine crypto currency. They can crunch millions of digits in seconds, and therefore rendering video with ease. To put it simply high powered graphics cards mining crypto generate hash strings involving transactions made on a network. This generates heat and uses massive amounts of electricity. Places like Iceland used their naturally cold climate to solve a lot of the cooling problems associated with crypto mining for example. Crypto currencies have been losing value rapidly recently. Where will it all end? Who knows. Given the current state of the west, and it’s heavily compromised and feeble leaders, we could all be driven back into the stone age in the blink of an eye. Nobody will be using crypto, they’ll probably be using worthless banknotes to start a fire to stay alive.

Somehow I got side tracked from my exposition on computer music, but I will press on. The music itself isn’t made by the computer. The computer records the sounds that are made on guitars, voice, keyboards etc and digitizes them. It’s all just ones and zeros really. It’s a far cry from analogue tape, which drags metallic particles on a plastic strip across a magnet. Some people say analogue sounds better, but it’s hard to tell the difference in my opinion.

I don’t want this to be a history of music recording, or crypto mining so I’m going to stop there. It’s quite warm today. December the seventh and it’s almost 60 degrees. I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not going there. This morning the tea lady was talking to Dr Fauci. I didn’t watch much of the interview, just the breezy opening and about 1 minute of Fauci spewing out his misinformation about the ‘variants’, and get boosted, etc etc. Every sane person left on the planet knows Fauci isn’t the person you should go to for any advice about these things, but apparently the ABC thinks he’s Mr Cool. They are now no doubt, champing at the bit to invite Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelenskyy (that’s two ys) on to talk about the perilous state of Democracy in the world, they’re that clueless. Actually Penny Wong could have asked Anthony Blinken about it yesterday on behalf of the 7.30 Report. He’s probably an expert. Every insane left person on the planet is nodding in agreement.